I’m not sure if you guys realize this, but I live on a healthy dose of sarcasm and lack of seriousness over here. And the more puns, the better. I mean, I drive Alex nuts with my puns, but I love them dearly. One of the people I was most scared about going into this trip with was Hailey— okay, basically the only person I feared (there were waaaaayy too many smileys in all communication prior to the trip, even on the forms). And of course, I made it a point to tell her (and her friend, Erica who I also slightly feared— love you guys!)— because I’m not only honest when writing online, but all the time, duh. But of course the universe works in miraculous ways, and the person I feared the most on this trip, turned out to be one of the people I laughed most with (and at). We found all the same stupid things hilarious. I also made sure she would be taking home an appropriate amount of good photos of me (I even gave her all my passport extras, I’m a good friend), and every time I saw the camera go up, I made sure to put my best face on for her (you’re welcome, Hailey).
So it’s the middle of the week and I thought it would be a great time to bring a little fun. Hailey put together this really life-changing post for you— inspired by me, duh. Because in case you didn’t know, I’m pretty amazing at everything I do— like, posed photos for instance– I like to have my life look super perfect looking all the time– and I figured Hailey would be the perfect person to teach you guys all my own personal tricks and skillz. You can ask anyone who has ever photographed me, with the exception of my drunk college friends (we were GREAT at selfies), about my photo skills, I’m super relaxed about photos, haha. So without keeping you here any longer, here is Hailey and her life changing tips brought to you by my life changing life.

Hi guys! I’m Hailey, one of the internet weirdos that decided to up and leave my life behind to hang out in India for two weeks with a group of total strangers. Like many of you, I have followed Drea’s blog for a while and figured if she is even half as good at planning international travel as she is at making toast, then this would be one amazing trip.  Thankfully, I was totally right, because the last time I made plans to meet someone from the internet my parents took away my AIM for a month.
Since it’s not everyday you get to hang out with a celebrity blogger for two weeks, I wanted to share with you a few things I learned. For instance, Drea is way shorter in person, don’t let her photoshop skills fool you, she’s usually wearing 6″ heels in pictures. Just kidding, I already knew she was tiny- I figured I could take her if she turned out to be an internet predator. However, she will win a staring contest any day. I also learned that she knows all the lyrics to The Vengabus, it’s basically her favorite song, so if you want her to really like you, sing it every time you see her.
But perhaps the most valuable lesson that I learned from Drea on our trip was “How to Pose like a Pro in Any Photo“. We are always looking for insider tips on how to improve our internet appearance, so here is my exclusive, behind-the-scenes, first-hand account of all of Drea’s photo-posing secrets. You’ll probably want to write these down in case this post breaks the internet.
1. The Owl 


In this power-pose, intense eye contact is key. The Owl is most effective in candid group shots. Keep all other facial expressions to a minimum, and when you’re ready, practice the pose with miscellaneous objects on your head (t-shirt, flower lei, etc.) Drea really has this one down.
2. The Rollercoaster    

 This pose is particularly helpful when demonstrating scale. For instance, doors. It’s also a great answer to the common portrait question, “what should I do with my arms?”
The rollercoaster instantly communicates fun, with a hint of danger. Fasten your seatbelt folks. 

3. The Elbow Pop

This pose is an update on the blogger-favorite “foot-pop” but features the less-famous elbow joint, like the sibling you never knew a celebrity had. The best part of the elbow-pop is that it can be performed with or without objects in hand. When you see that camera go up, get those elbows poppin’!
4. The Cat Claw(s)

Like their namesake, the cat-claw is perhaps the most passive-aggressive pose of all. Cats like to do things on their terms and they use their claws to communicate playfulness, discontent, or their thirst for blood. Not surprisingly, this pose is beloved by high-fashion models everywhere, but here Drea demonstrates subtle ways to incorporate cat-claws into everyday photos.
Paws out, claws out.


bonus pose: The Claw-Heart … when you love someone but are conscious of personal space.
Thanks for reading! Now go flood the internet with your awesome photos featuring these exclusive poses. Thank you, Drea, for so many things, but mostly for not being a (total) weirdo and for making all of my Dreams of India come true!
Peace, love, and good poses.


You can check out Hailey’s AMAZING fair-trade shop: HERE and her “tiny blog” here: The Dailey Life

*nothing about this post is serious, except for the fact that I really do love Hailey, I’m incredibly short, and I LOVE the Vengabus (like, a lot) and there’s video footage from the trip to prove it.


  1. this has to be one of my favorite posts! so so funny!! the owl has to be my favorite next to the roller coaster!

  2. I read this on my lunch break and died. I took copious notes and will be implementing these techniques from here on out. Life lessons.

  3. I'm laughing, there are some corkers there. I'm sensing that there was a lot of laughter too. CJ xx

  4. This is my new favorite post on your blog. Loved it. Helps that I'm also super sarcastic, and totally awkward in photos. Rock on.

  5. Too funny! I pretty much turn into the most awkward nerd ever when the camera's turned on me, it's become a running joke with my childhood best friend- "You look more drunk in sober pictures than you do in drunk pictures!!" I'm definitely going to use some of these "Pro Posing" tips and see if that helps. I think the Rollercoaster will end up being my go-to pose in every pic from now on 😉