Hello from the road!  Sometime in the past week I was looking through some of my really old blog posts for an older photo. I don’t remember if I found the photo or not, but I did realize something in the process. I realized that I often used to write much shorter blog entries. I would come in with a photo or two,  say “HEY!” and then maybe jot down a few sentences about what I did that day, then sign out. (Hence the tag: Random thoughts).

I’m not sure when or why I stopped, but I want to do more of that. I think the reality is that once my blog grew, so did my over-thinking process. I think I started over analyzing what my blog posts should be. Sure I still have longer posts that have no meaning other than to let out all my emotions, but I don’t do a lot of those anymore. Not because I think their bad, but because I don’t have a lot of about to erupt emotions other than “WHY AM I NOT AMAZINGLY HEALTHY YET?!”

Anyway, now I’m rambling (nothing new for sure). The point is, I liked that quick hello. I don’t think I realized how much that was part of my original blogging process. Not until I just noticed it was gone. And I want to pop in more and say “hey this was my day, it looked like XYZ! How was your day?” and sign out.

So today! We woke up to snow, got dressed, ate an acai bowls by the heater (one last time), and were blessed with holy water, before jumping in the car to head south-west. We survived on fruit for the first 6 hours or so before stopping for dinner at an Indian place in some town that sounds like Hagerstown or Harristown or something. Now I’m sitting in the dark in some budget hotel, about to crawl under the covers to attempt sleep.

Other than a good one or two hours of dead stopped traffic, the drive was easy. We only have about 6 hours on the road tomorrow and then we’ll make it to Asheville. We had big plans of road tripping to a bunch of different cities, but it’s just too cold. We’re ready to head south and out.

I’m hoping to bring my laptop in the front seat with me tomorrow. And if my sometimes car sickness allows, I’ll get up some more of your questions and answers for the beginning of next week! We’ll see! And please, by all means, if there are things you miss in this space or thing you’d like to see more of, let me know! I’m here! And there.. and every where. But mostly here 🙂

I hope you guys all had an amazing week! And have an even better weekend.

Oh and ps! We drove by a town called “Marlowe” tonight! How fun is that? I had no idea there was a town by her name!

Pps. Speaking of old blog posts. HERE is my first road trip blog post on the blog. SO long ago, but so much of the same. Marlowe looks the same size in the car, but I’m happy that most of my lost posts still look like this: happy photos of our experiences, some captions in between <3

Alright friends, chat soon! Cheers!

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  1. Drea,
    I’ve been following you a lot on Instagram lately – great travels and adventures !
    I wrote one time a long time ago about our shared experience of C-diff- I had it or rather survived it 5 times- last two times they gave me FMT-
    Anyway, I wanted to ask how you can eat so much fruit ? I know I still have damage and eating is challenging. I cannot eat fruit at all- too much sugar creates yeast in the gut and then it’s downhill from there for me-
    Can you share some of your acai bowl recipes ?
    I wish I had been feeling better and could have reached out while you were in Mass. I am not far from Worcester in Stow- well, you have mother Mass friend if you’re in the area again and want to have tea☕️ 🌞 Tori