It sort of feels like summer camp is coming to an end and I don’t know what to do about it. I have three India posts left. My favorite, one last day in India, and this one. It’s getting emotional over here for me. Honestly, I think Alex was the one who compared it to summer camp— I never went to sleep away camp, only day camps, though I imagine it’s the same. You know, going away with a bunch of strangers that you’re scared to meet, falling in love with them, and then crying about having to part ways. I did all of that. And you’d never think that one of the best parts about planning and partaking in a trip to India with the dearest Above the Clouds might in fact be the bus rides— but it was! For me anyway. I mean, I’m a road trip girl in general. I’ve driven from Florida to Canada. From Massachusetts to Arizona. And Arizona right here to Florida. I put thousands of miles on my car each week in college— driving here and there and further 🙂 One of the main reasons I’m sad about living in Southern Florida is because of the lack of road-trip-ability (Florida sucks to drive out of). But despite my location, I truly love road trips and always will. And in India, on a giant bus with a bunch of girls with many different personalities and talents? There was joy for me. We all enjoyed the waves and smiles we got from the sidewalks (even the men who blew us kisses, haha), the camel sightings, the breaks for indian snacks, and of course the really awesome 90’s video mix the bus driver bought for us to sing very, very loudly to.

I wish so badly I could be back on this bus, driving through India– seeing local life, farm next to farm next to farm, and faraway temples. I just want to be off exploring again– in places I’ve never seen and with people I’ve never met (and with people I care about of course!). One day I will again. For now, I’ll just dream about doing it— and I’ll loudly break into (cheesy 90’s) song when I think about busses 😉

Here are some bits of not extravagant bus moments— that I enjoyed so much 🙂

Ms. Hailey. Always painting.

thums up! underwear!
also my necklace? M made it for me before the trip. I wore it everyday 🙂

we saw a lot of street sweeping. these ladies were cleaning, but often we couldn’t tell if they were cleaning of Jains— which I find super intriguing and want to read more about!…. As soon as I finish the other four books I just got 😐

details, bushels, and bricks. I saw SO many amazing buildings and details through the window— but 99.9% of the time was not quick enough to capture these moments! That means I get to go back and try again, right? 🙂

My Brittany! Who I get to see this week 🙂

that pink.

camel butt. ladies.

off season flood in Dehli. So three of the four recent books I bought are by Vandana Shiva and are about our current (and past and future– cause they’re all intertwined) earth and soil crisis. I can’t even explain half of it— but it’s been so interesting to compare what I saw to what she writes.

fun stands.

an emergency pee brake that I was not mad about— the sun was setting, the moon was rising, and the music was BLARING from this place— with absolutely no one in site. It felt dream like.
+ the lonely tuk tuk.

pre holi.

hailey’s magic masala. found these recently at my local indian market.

yes, I even obsesses over plant shopping in india.

ten million selfies.


And this….

I hope you guys are having a good week! It somehow got chilly over here! We weren’t expecting that— but we aren’t mad 🙂 Looking forward to what seems like a maybe productive week— with lots of cooking and gardening. I’m off to bed and hoping to dream about magic details 🙂 Happy tuesday!

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