Marlowe and I have made it to France and we are oh so excited to be here! 9 hours overnight, Marlowe slept a lot whole time. We met up smoothly with my mother at the airport. And despite being tired (as we should be) the entire next day, we had a positive attitude and we all had the best time.

The weather is perfect here. Warm and sunny during the day. Cooler into the evening. I told Marlowe it smells like “fall and winter in New England” — while I haven’t experienced true seasonal change in what feels like forever, the smells of seasons and time are something I still hold strong too.

While France will probably (But not definitely) stay on the warmer side– we’re looking to cooler temperatures in London. Much, much cooler. A true fall feeling.

If you follow me on instagram then you know I’ve recently discovered Plant Therapy— and have become obsessed with the company. And while I dont post often about them, we use essential oils often at home (daily, actually). And while I don’t think theres necessarily anything wrong with multi-level marketing, it’s just not something I personal subscribe to or take part in. I just always lean to supporting family owned companies when I can. And Plant Therapy is exactly that. And amazing, earth focused and organic essential oil company — no minimum orders or strings attached. Order what you want, when you want.

Well, Plant Therapy’s new fall line is out and it’s absolutely amazing. We’re have the three fall oils (harvest moon, spiced orange, and pumpkin pie) on rotate in our home. We’ve had our essential oil diffuser move from room to room to room in our house. I honestly think it’s been used in every room, except the bathroom this month. Though– we’d probably use it in the bathroom if we had a tad more space in there haha.

The last two weeks have been a time for home and family focus in our world. And then next two weeks will be a focus on Marlowe and I cozying up in the world. No matter where I am, here or there, I just want to feel and enjoy these slow moments with the people I love. I know I just said it, but life is short– no matter what do time keeps on sifting and changes are changing. So I want to hold on to all these moments and really feel them as much as I can.

Maybe it’s silly, but bringing in something simple like the scent of fall has grounded us a bit this month. While the temperature hasn’t dropped more than a few degrees (on a good day)– it’s still truly feels like a positive change and shedding of weight is happening.

While we still might be matching tank tops with our jeans over here (in florida and in Paris too)– Fall is here and coming. Sweaters will be in (and on) our arms soon— (trust me, I’ve already found the perfect mustard color sweater here in Paris). And now, no matter where we are– playing board games with our family at home, searching for baguettes (gluten-y and gluten-free ones) in Paris, or bundled up to stay warm in the cool winds and rains of London, we have grounding, warming smells to enjoy our time and change with. Something that smells like family time at home, and future too.

I know it sounds dramatic and weird to talk about smells in such an extreme way, but I think you guys can agree– there are certain smells that trigger back the biggest and craziest flashbacks. I hope these smells and moments always make Marlowe move— I hope they make her look back and feel something magical. I think they will.

Plant Therapy, is currently offering you guys a limited time discount where you can order their  Autumn Treasures Fall Blend set and a rose gold essential oil diffuser (like ours) normally retailed at $79.99 for only $62! Just click here and place your order through this link then use the coupon code “SETDEAL” to make the discount magic happen! The discount code is active until Marlowe’s birthday. Woot woot! 

Trust me, you wont be disappointed by these delicious smells. They feel like home and the outdoors in fall in New England all at the same time. These oils are only available for a very limited amount of time, so definitely order them up now, if you’re on the fence 🙂

Alright friends, I’m off to bed because I went to be at 3pm back home and woke up at 6pm our time– and it is now 2 am Paris time– and well, I don’t know how all this is going to affect me, but I should probably be sleeping! Cant wait to share more bits of our Paris fall magic with you guys soon— we haven’t been here a full day yet, but it’s been so amazing so far 🙂




  1. I have been really getting into essential oils over the past few months and honestly blends are my favorite! I LOVE the idea of an autumnal blend so I had to pick up this set — thanks for the recommendation! For a long time I was trying to decide between one of the MLM companies, and then I saw this post (um, actually affordable) and it all just fell into place. It’s also such a great alternative to candles which don’t pack up or ship well (as I live abroad).