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You know, I really dislike supplements. Did you guys know that? I do. But the thing is that I’ve come to a place where I understand that while I’d prefer to not take another supplement ever again— I do need to. At least right now anyway. In a perfect world, our bodies would function optimally, our soils would be richly dense with nutrients, we wouldn’t be super contaminated with all sorts of heavy metals in medicines, pesticides, vaccines, and whatever else. We’d all be pure and thriving. But our world isn’t perfect. And while our bodies were perfectly designed, they don’t always function like that now. And so, sometimes we need a supplement.

I can feel bitter about this. Or I can understand that this is part of the process for me to get back to optimal health and accept that these tools serve me.

I never thought my blog would have become as health and gut focused as it’s become over the years. But sitting here now, I can see how this aligns with my path. I was sick and toxic for decades. Falling ill didn’t mess my life up— it gave me a new understanding of how the body works and the changes I needed to make for it to thrive. In many ways, getting sick was a blessing. It forced me to give up the path I was on and seek real healing. And for that, I am grateful. For a long time, I was scared healing wouldn’t be possible (you guys know this, I cried many tears). But I’m very confident that not only will I heal whats wrong, but I will thrive again.

I’ve come a long, long way from eating multiple candy bars for breakfast. And I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next. I’m not depressed, anxious, joint achy, fatigued, or bedridden anymore. My gut? Well, it’s jumped leaps and bounds since falling ill (heavy metals + antibiotics will do that to you). My allergies are still here due to heavy metal toxicity (bad dentistry + vaccine combos will do that to you)– but they should one day heal too. I don’t eat 100% clean all the time, but I eat really well. I drink clean water. I avoid toxins as much as I can. I move my lymph through exercise. I rest when I need to. And… I take supplements. These things help me heal.

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe your body needs an extra boost. Over the course of my lifetime, I have learned that our gut is the central force of everything in our lives. Our mood, immune system, and almost all bodily functions depend on the state of our gut. The most important thing you can do? Eat clean, raw, organic living foods. The second thing is to give your gut a boost if it needs it. I’m a personal fan of Country Life. It’s a B corp organization creating supplements with our health in mind. And it’s pretty wonderful that they’re gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and non-GMO. The packaging is all recyclable and the products are manufactured in a wind energy system. There’s not sugar, salts, artificial anything, or junky stuff too.

So if you’re going to add anything to your own system other than clean food– you want to make sure it’s a clean supplement too. Otherwise, you’re just wasting money and potentially leaving your body with even more to detox. No bueno.

Country Life has a new line out— Gut Connection. Gut Connection is available in 8 unique options all scientifically formulated to balance your gut microbiome by boosting your existing probiotics (you know, the ones you get from eating raw, living foods) with whole food fermentation. Your healthy stomach lining can then efficiently absorb the clinically studied ingredient add-ins— whether it’s sleep, stress, energy, or whatever kind of boost you need 🙂 You can see all 8 different varieties HERE.

I know a good amount of you guys are looking for gut healing aid too. And well, I know I’m always pimping out probiotics (so important), but this is a different approach– a probiotic free (yeast-based supplement) approach to add into your every day lives for an extra boost. Let’s be real here, it’s likely that everyone’s microbiome needs a bit of a lift– even if they’ve never been sick from c. diff. Most of us have taken antibiotics or taken other medications/injections that have messed with our microbiomes. We need to do the work to create a healthy and thriving bodily eco-system again. This might be the place to start for many of you. Interested? Check out the Country Life site and learn more 🙂

Remember– every single day you are lucky enough to wake up and choose how you want to treat your body. Everything you choose to do will either hurt it or heal it. Set yourself up to succeed. Fill up your water bottle with clean water, cut some fruit, make a juice or a salad, take the stairs, take a nap– do whatever you need to do give your body what it needs and you’ll feel good. And sometimes, you might need to take some supplements too.

Cheers friends! Happy living!


  1. If you are concerned about heavy metal toxicity I would look more closely at your supplements. Most, if not all, are contaminated with heavy metals (lead especially). Also all of your stuff from Mexico etc is probably full of lead paint.

    You need to ask the supplement company for a COA for each supplement with a report on heavy metals.

  2. I take a lot of supplements too and it can get frustrating! I try to keep it at a minimum for my sanity, but I end up adding things all the time! Thank you for sharing your regimen.