Hi! How are you guys!? I’m good! Sitting in a quiet and empty apartment. There is some construction noise outside (curious to know what’s being built), but other than that I can just hear some birds. Marlowe is shadowing at a school today. Alex is running errands. And we finally installed wifi, so I’m tackling my email/online to do list 🙂

I thought I should take the minute to come on here and put up a post. London was a lifetime ago, and these photos aren’t of mystical magic moments like some shared of Nepal or Paris or Guatemala, but I really enjoyed this quiet alone trip with Marlowe. And she did too. And that just means the world to me guys. I love these moments shared with her– no matter how adventurous or slow they are 🙂

Alex and I were chatting yesterday and he was saying something like wanting to expose her to as much as we can now. And so, of course, I brought up travel. Obviously, she’s not only lucky to have travel for the experience herself, but it’s so good that she won’t harbor fear about strangers and places in the world. Sure, there are dangerous places in the world (there was a car bombing the last time we were in Bogotá!), but overall, there are more good people than bad– and there’s no media or talk to shake up or change what she’s already experienced. She knows the kindness that’s out there. She knows to be careful, but that she is a kind and loving person in the world– just like so many other humans on this shared planet. And I love that. I really do.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. Here is a collection of happy mismatched photographs of all the moments during our trip to London, England 🙂

Above: Leftover gluten-free Parisian bread while watching Planet Earth on the shortest flights to London? The best.

Tea and quiet time with her. Always nice to stay in apartments with a good book collection.


Very London.

Exploring Parks.

Old architecture.

Lemongrass tea, salad, and “chips”. We came back to this food hall a few times after finding it on Marlowe’s birthday 🙂

Colder climate forests.

With friends. (I really like her pants/her whole outfits).

Great when said friends over to take photos. Thank you Tania 🙂

Broadway Market— very popular. This is the only photo I could take because the swarms of hundreds (thousands) of people were in the way.

Journaling trips.

Ethiopian food. Gosh, I want this now. All the Ethiopian places by me are no longer gluten free 🙁 I live in a sad, sad place. Ps. Her face is serious– but don’t be fooled, she LOVES Ethiopian.



The beautiful backyard of a new friend, with a similar name.
Last meal in London, GF vegan pizza delivery.
The hectic drive to the airport. Literally 60 seconds away from missing our flight. But we made it <3

Again, I hope you guys are doing well! Now that the hard stuff of the last detox is over and my wifi is back, I’ll be back too 😉 Cheers!

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