I’ve been trying to limit my photos as to not put things behind a cut– but there are just so many pictures that I want to have and to hold forever and forever. I mean, what would I do without this creepy cult like looking photo above? How would the world and this blog be without you guys seeing our new found cult? Life would not be as fun, thats for sure. And I couldn’t leave out the 20 others photos from the luncheon we had during our Holi celebration– with a bunch of strangers who took us in, served us amazing food, and threw colors all over our faces. You know? Funny thing about this Holi luncheon— I have no pictures of the food. I may have gotten a bit too tipsy come the food part and said, screw it! I do have a video of me singing a snippet of “chocolate rain” at lunch though. So there’s that (but not in this post. or any post. I just personally have it.)

So Above The Clouds had the amazing idea of surprising everyone with white outfits to wear during Holi. 1. it’s nice to get gifts! 2. we’d spare the girls from ruining their own clothes. 3. they could then fold up their colorful rainbow attire and toss it in a bag, to keep forever. Seriously– the dye last forever. 4. matching is fun! Yay! — But — no where in this amazing plan did we stop and think “we’re going to make this group of 13 girls look like a strange cult”, but that happened, and we’re okay with it.

I’m pretty sure we decided Ella was the cult leader (left).

So the night before, Lisa and I made our rounds to each floor of the hotel to drop off packages with outfits to wear. The next morning, we had breakfast (or just coffee, cause thats sometimes breakfast too). Did a little dance or two (there was LOUD celebratory throughout the night <3<3). And then we met in the court yard to take our cult photo and head to our bus to spend the celebratory day in the a large grassy court yard in the sun. There was beer, wine, cocktails, and snacks. We were pleased. There was also a table set up with colors and slowly arriving guests (new friends) to party with. 

There was (awesome) dancing. Guys, I’m really good at dancing. Oh and the guy in middle, his name was Pyrite/Pirate. And when he would introduce himself, he’d do a pirate impression, just to make sure we understood, that he definitely said Pirate. Pretty sure Erica is doing the macerena here. 

Brittany’s amazing jumpsuit. Which she now has framed— in her house. (AWESOME).

Hi guys.

One of my all time favorite pictures from the trip. Miss Ella came by way of Australia. She had the best accent out of all of us—– okay, the only accent. More than half the ladies were from California. 

I decorated for her. 

Pyrite (ARGH) and all his friends. 

look ma, we’re purple. 

just kidding, we’re green and yellow. 

Hailey, the one I mentioned the other day. My lunch date. She let me sing to her (and video-ed it). And dealt with me being drunk-ish (twice).

our band photo. 

his band photo. 

hi guys. 



And then we all jumped into the bus— where some of us showered and relaxed— and the rest of us drank champagne and got dyed pink (almost permanently).


  1. This made me laugh out loud, and then I cried a little. All the feelings, forever and ever. Love you xoxoxoxox

  2. Holi is always fun, we even have bonfires the night after playing holi and we dance around it and release all the negatives, stress and unwanted energies 🙂 glad you had fun

    • I posted about the bon fire night! Maybe a week ago! Fun AND scary! haha! (fire scares me). <3<3 Cant wait to do it again one day.