Every time a friend or family member asks me about Marlowe’s schooling, I answer the same: “We had no intentions of quitting homeschool, but this just happened to be a perfect fit.” It really was. You know, I miss Marlowe every day. And I don’t think our relationship is as strong as it was when she was home with us every day. But still, this felt and feels like the right choice. She is just so happy and loving every minute of her new daily school life.

About a month or so ago Marlowe caught a bug that was going around her classroom. She, of course, stayed home from school that day. That night I went into her room and found her crying. She was just SO sad that she had missed school. She was excited about a class project and would be missing it and it just tore her apart. I mean, how often do you find a kid in tears about missing school? I know very few situations (if any) at all. I would have gladly skipped school any and every day of the week when I was a kid.

But Marlowe in school? She’s in love. The weekend ends and she’s so excited to wake up first thing Monday morning and walk through the school doors again. And I could not be happier for her. What parent wouldn’t love that?

Like I said, we had no intention of sending her back to school. We were all very happy with our home (and world) schooling system (or lack of system, haha). And if the option was homeschool vs Florida public schools, then we would have opted to homeschool. But this school that she got accepted to? Well, it’s the perfect fit for the inquisitive and creative based kid that she is.  Are there adjustments I’d like to make to the school? Of course, haha. Nothing in life is perfect 😉 I’d love a healthier lunch menu and I think it would be great if the day could maybe be shortened by an hour (its an hour longer than public school), and I think kids need more time growing mindfulness at home or out in nature. But overall we’re all really, really happy with it.

I’m not going to lie: I was nervous at first. Like, I was super excited when she first got accepted. Then as the summer passed and school approached, my worries crept in. I was nervous it wouldn’t be as amazing as we had hoped. Or that she wouldn’t love it like we thought she would. Or that it just wouldn’t be a great fit. Or that it would just not be worth the time (or money) spent there. But as time is passing (we’re two months in now), my worries are fading. I mean, I’d still love to change the school menu, but not one of you is surprised about that I’m sure, haha. But it’s been a pretty damn good fit.

Marlowe doesn’t have too many complaints. Her only complaint so far is that the building is cold (her classroom voted on making the AC a bit warmer, haha), but we bought her a school sweatshirt to fix this problem. Or when I asked her today what the most difficult part of school is, she told me that it was the fact that it smells like pizza on pizza day… and she wants pizza too (I get it, haha). But outside of that?

She’s excited to tell people about her yoga class, how they practice mindfulness, that she’s building hurricane-proof houses in engineering, or that she gets to practice some form of drama, art, music, and dance every day.  And that she doesn’t have homework every day. Or any day. Because the only requirement is that she comes home and reads for twenty minutes each day– and for Marlowe that’s not work, that’s a joy. She’s in love.

We’ve met with her teachers to go over her progress (no report cards either) and they love her– only kind words to say about our kiddo. The only less positive note is that she could speak up more in class. (We’ll work on that). She’s perfectly content speaking her mind one on one with each teacher but struggles with a bigger audience (I hear ya girl). But whether one on one or in a group, you better believe I push her to ask more. Always. Question everything.

It brings me joy to know that she’s not just learning, but asking for more. She’s asking her teachers about plastic and sustainability. She’s asking about pollution and rainforest deforestation. She raises questions about bettering a global world… questions that the other kids don’t often or usually ask. She’s bringing that to the school.

Each day she gets to wake up and go to school. And each day, not only does she leave the school being able to take away knowledge she didn’t have before but also offering something too. And I’m proud of her.

She learns at home. In the world. And now in school too. And we’re just so grateful for how much she loves all of it. I’m so very happy for her.

Ps. How adorable does she look in her uniform? SO CUTE.


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