Those of you who have read my blog for a while know that I’ve rambled about sleep on and off the entire length of this blogs life. I’ve struggled with it since I was a young kid (night terrors anyone?). Sleep is important. Truly vital, life-giving, and healing. People often message me for the best holistic remedy for their current ailments and more times than not, I respond: “sleep.” I’m not trying to be a sarcastic snot with my short response, but seriously, sleep makes all the difference.

Alex walked up to me this morning and said, “man, I guess it’s the mattress but I’ve never slept more deeply in my life” — and I can vouch for this too. While a mattress won’t fix my teeth grinding issues or stop my inflamed gut nightmares, having a clean, organic, toxic-free mattress has made all the difference in our lives over this last week. Truly, we’ve seen a huge improvement in the overall quality of all our sleep in just one week.

And yes, if you’re reading this and curious if this post is sponsored, I’m going to tell you, I guess it technically is, since we were gifted these amazing mattresses I’m rambling about, but do yourself a favor and keep reading anyway– because these mattresses will make all the difference in your lives.

The most important thing in creating a new, smaller, more minimalistic home apartment— was creating a healthy and clean space. I mean, we’ve kept our home as clean as possible too. But with our new space, I wanted to step it up even more– nothing was coming in without a huge stamp of approval. And flooring and bedding were at the top of my list. I spent a stupid amount of time researching the cleanest options around. Well, in my search, I found Sleep Naked Boca. I instantly fell in love with the fact that it was an independent woman-run business. And later, after meeting the owner, Tina, I fell in love with her and her story as well. Like me, illness struck her family and health became a priority. Detoxing all the things and avoiding toxins at all costs became the norm.

Because the truth is, no amount of sleep will benefit you if you’re sleeping on toxic bedding. Through Sleep Naked Organic we learned about Obasan mattresses. Tina promised us that we would fall in love with them, and boy, she was right.

Obasan mattresses are the cleanest mattresses around. They are made of 100% organic materials. No fillers, no junks, no half-assing it. They are truly organic. Not only are they clean and organic, but they are also completely sustainable and ethically sourced. Find me another mattress company that is all: organic, sustainable, and ethically made. I’ll wait, (you can’t) haha.

And the fact that lying on the mattress feels like you’re sleeping on a dreamy cloud? Well, you truly can’t beat that. Local and want to test out the cloud bed for yourself? Well, head to Sleep Naked Organic and throw yourself on their mattresses. You’ll fall in love too. Tell Tina I said “hi!” while you’re there 🙂 Also, next time I get around to Boca I’ll be dropping off signed cookbooks for you guys to buy too! (Shameless cookbook plug).

I mean, if you’re going to spend 1/3+ of your life somewhere, don’t you want it to be a clean, healthy, chemical-free place? And if you have kids– GROWING tiny humans– don’t you want the place they sleep in to be clean and healthy too? I mean, Marlowe spends 11-12 hours a night sleeping, I truly want need her to be in a space where she can be safe and I can feel safe. I can’t tell you enough how important it is– for everybody. Do organic mattresses cost more? Yes, they completely do. (it’s stupid because they should be the norm on our planet). But it’s an investment for your health and your family’s health. If we weren’t working with Obasan would we be spending the money on organic mattresses for ourselves anyway? 100000% yes. It’s SO important. A comfortable and safe place to sleep is a luxury that one should save and invest in.

Check out Obasan and they’re amazing products. If you try them out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Everything they have is of the absolute highest quality. I’m officially their new pimp– I think everyone should have one of these mattresses for themselves and anyone they love. Oh, and they’re pillows? I’m not sure how to describe them– they’re even more cloud-like. And you can get your name embroidered on the pillows too. Which is great because now Alex can’t fight with me when he steals my pillow– IT SAYS MY NAME ON IT, LOVE.

Some quick facts about Obasan (if you’re not convinced enough by me yet):
  • You can customize the mattress in about 80+ different ways. Want a firmer head and softer foot area? You can do that. We were super easy and basically fell in love with the second mattress we laid on. But you can customize your own in countless ways. Our specific configuration (if you’re wondering) goes like this: Top layer: 3” of plush organic rubber for night long comfort. Comfort core: 3” of medium density organic rubber – on both the left and right side of the bed. Base layer: 3” of firm density organic rubber, for even support.
  • The interior is made of three layers of completely organic + sustainable rubber. It’s naturally mildew + dust mite resistant.
  • The casing is made from 100% organic cotton from the Andes. All ethically and sustainably sourced of course. (And oh so soft).
  • The wool pillow options are made from hand sheared wool from Patagonia. It’s not vegan (obviously). But it’s of the highest quality, completely sustainable, and has the perk of having naturally control.
  • The mattresses are available in different heights. For our bed we chose a 9 inch. Marlowe has a 9 inch mattress on the bottom and an 8 inch on top. She says both are VERY comfortable 🙂
  • You can also find organic sheets, pillows, toppers, comforters, and foundations through Obasan. Again, all organic, ethically, and sustainably made. Because Obasan is the best 🙂

Alright friends, want to have the best, cleanest, deepest, most comfortable, healthiest sleep of your life? Check out Sleep Naked Boca’s site and learn more about their products, you’ll fall in love just like we did. I promise.


Pps. our point is all clean and healthy as can possibly be. We won’t have a tutorial on how we did the wall itself– it was mostly a work of love and a lot of patience. But the paint is all VOC + odor free from our favorite paint company, Quiet Home Paints. Our room will be pretty minimalistic, we just need to work on a few more things and then I’ll start putting together room tours soon 🙂 Yay!

Ppps. If you go out to visit Tina in Boca (it might be a long drive for some of you– about 40 minutes for us) and you get hungry. Here is a delicious vegan food guide for the area 🙂

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  1. Omg. It sounds like I need this mattress! Thank you for always finding the best stuff and sharing about it.