Hi friends! How are you? I’m sitting here next to Alex who is pestering me to get off the computer or maybe just pestering me in general. Alex is comparing this post to that movie Stranger Than Fiction. Have you seen it? I love that movie. Marlowe on the other side of me… reading a book. I have to put her in bed in a minute or two. But first, I thought I’d share these random, all over the place photos from Mexico City. I’d love to be there now, all over again. One day…. with Alex… even though he’s driving me nuts singing into my ear right now. But he should visit too. Anyway– onto the photos.

Their faces. These faces are a good example of my mood with Alex right now, haha.

Selfie with all the greens. And the most beautiful jacaranda trees.

Ummm. how amazing is this truck!?

Double rainbow vibes over the city.

Really feeling all the green of MDX. Love these details.
Normally not a fan of purple. But seriously obsessed with these purple petals.

Why is this city so amazing?! I know you guys know this, but I really thought I’d feel whatever about Mexico City. But no, it was amazing.

Blurry icecream dates.

Presents for Alex. And a beautiful collection. Basically, all the little details to set the mood for our new apartment. Minimalistic with all things– except collecting one of a  kind pieces while traveling. In my defense, we did need new bowls for the apartment. Everything else was a want, not a *need* though. Oh, and everything made it back in one piece– except for one bowl. #soclose

I love vintage font.

Cute lunch dates. (I did a whole post on the vegan and gluten-free spots in Mexico City in case you ever visit and need a list 🙂

I mean, how could you not love that face? Obviously, I’m biased, but I love it.

I hope your week is going well friends! I finally photographed our apartment, so I’ll share that soon! Might maybeeee do a video of it too. But not sure! we’ll see! Cheers!

Ps. I realize how old these pictures are… but let’s pretend their recent, k? K. Thanks!


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  2. These posts are always my favorite. You take such beautiful, yet simple photos that inspire me to enjoy more of the simple things in my own life. Happy weekend!