We had one of those days yesterday where we just needed to get outside.Needed.Really.The week has been a great week. But after days and days of tackling (much needed) tasks inside, well, we were antsy. I can last about two days inside before I start to lose it. Hence my total disdain for winter. And my total disdain for rainy season too.Marlowe and I sit outside every single morning to eat breakfast. It’s become an accidental ritual. It started out of necessity. Cold food and a chilly air-conditioning system blowing overhead (even set to 78 degrees) created a need for our small framed, very tropical thriving bodies to head outside in search of heat. And so every morning, no matter the state of out appearance, or how crazy it might look we grab our smoothies or acai bowls and make our way to the porch (or lately right tot he sidewalk) to enjoy our meal.But this isn’t enough outside time. Not by any means.

After three + days of being cooped inside (with the exception of one dinner out of the house) — we broke. We tackled all our morning to do lists and drove west for something new. Anything new.

Alex suggested the everglades. I bit my tongue to all the downer thoughts I had about the place. And held my breath as we stepped out of the car– in preparation for the swans of mosquitos I anticipated.

We sprayed on natural big spray (you know, the good home made stuff) and made our way down the path. And much to my pleasant surprise, the bugs never came. The trees provided enough coverage from the sun. And for whatever amazing reason, a breeze actually blew across Florida. We were thankful.

We explored the little details of nature.

And we made a friend. I named him… a name I already forget. Good friends, I know. I think he was hiding from his own kind… because not too much longer after this trail. We found another. Which led us to about, 2,000 of his friends.

(what most of our photos look like. me: on the look out for alligators. her: probably picking up a rock). And we spent the next hour or so exploring the grasslands. And every not so cautious step I took, I held my breath and hoped to not here the crunch of a giant new grasshopper friend.

For whatever reason, I’m the only one of the three of us who can deal with bugs (except roaches), snakes, rats, etc. Give me something weird, I’ll hold it. (That can be taken the wrong way…. let’s move on).

I’m grateful we picked up and went. Nothing extraordinary. Not some grand, life changing adventure. But something good. Definitely something good.

Homeschool has been going pretty well, but these are the moments I’m especially grateful for it. When we can just pick up and go. That she can actually spend time with Alex now– They’re schedules don’t completely clash– she can spend an entire day– or days with him. We can learn from text books– and real life adventures.

Still working on that life balance. And for sure, this week and month has turned into a busy one… basically overnight. But sometimes you just gotta get up and get the heck outside— and hope you don’t throw the whole balance thing too much off kilter.

Hope you guys are having a killer week. Inside and out. Hope you find sunshine… and lots of friends too. <3<3



  1. I just moved to Michigan's Upper Peninsula and these pictures make me longggg for warm weather! Seriously, it's almost June and we're only getting "up to" 55' here. Yikes! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you – beautiful photos as always!