Well friends, my wordpress is still screwed up, thats for sure. The 20 posts I had in draft are not usable. You can imagine my frustration as its taken me hours upon hours to draft those posts and now I’ll have to do it again. I wish I could copy paste the posts, but I cannot. Hours lost. Another lesson in patience. 

So now, one by one I will slowly create each new draft again to post. I thought I should start with one of my favorite sets of photos from Paris. I mean, Marlowe’s birthday tea party might be my favorite, because it’s just too dreamy, but even a simple day out in Montmartre is dreamy too. If you’ve wandered the area, then you know this. But if you haven’t, well, here  are some photos to prove it 🙂 

We started the day by foot— we attempted a vegan restaurant around the corner— I’m not sure if I shared this yet, but my gosh, it was an awful experience, haha! Just awful! First, it was closed every time we tried to visit it. And the one day that it was open, the owner there was SO rude. The whole restaurant felt uncomfortable. It was super weird, every single person sitting inside looked ticked off. We were told that without a reservation that he could maybe seat us, but we would be required to order, eat quickly, and leave promptly so he could seat other guests. Oh, okay, cool. Thanks for the kindness. I feel like everyone else in the restaurant should have left too– then maybe they could have had a better day and less grumpy faces like we did 😉 You know, the owner definitely needs a lesson in hospitality, but it all worked out for us. 

Just across the street we saw the most magical scene though. Maybe not magical for the French– as I’m sure their accustomed to artisans making quality items, but for us, it was so awesome seeing a craftsman making a book by hand. Especially for miss Marlowe, the book lover. We do have the privilege of seeing artisans when we travel. I believe this was the first time wave’s ever seen someone binding a book though. So awesome. 

Le Potager De Charlotte is the awful service restaurant by the way– in case you want to avoid it or find the book maker across the street 🙂 

So we went for a long walk up the hills of Montmartre. I knew from the start that I wanted to revisit L’Abattoir. We had stopped here on the last visit to france. In fact, it was our very first stop. We showed up with luggage and all, jet lagged as hell from our overnight flight. So jet lagged, that I could hardly eat– but I wanted to, because the food was mighty tasty! I’ve been here about 3 times, now and each time, service was hit or miss– and never amazing, but the food was really good– because it is natural and unprocessed feeling, but not boring. 

And it’s so freaking cute. I mean, that’s better than any of the vegan places around me! So I dont have high standards of vegan places, haha. So I’ll take it. 

Marlowe has become a big fan of chai lattes. And orders them often. AndI allow it, especially in colder climates. Though obviouslyI prefer when the place serves caffeine free chai 😉 

Cute corners and me half ready for a photo. So close. Oh and my latte as well 😉 

So much food! And so grateful for so many GF options in France. People think I’m crazy when I tell them there are so many vegan and gluten free options in France– but there are guys! Don’t be worried to travel here if you’re vegan and gluten free! 

I had a big ole’ plate of roasted veg, raw veg, warm buckwheat and lentils, with salad and all the sauces. My mom got a giant (and beautiful) salad. 

And miss Marlowe went full on giant veggie burger. I believe it was a beet and mushroom burger– but I could be wrong. The potatoes were super good too. 

The best step to follow after all the food? All the steps. This sounds silly, but marlowe and I are a big fan of stairs. My mom? Not so much.  I almost always sprint up flights of stairs. Always have. Childlike, I know. But great because now I have an actual child who loves to do it with me. Such a good workout too 😉 

We walked by this cafe that photographed and shared all over the internet by everyone in their mom. In this photo alone you can see at least four people with cameras taking photos, haha. I wonder how the food is. 

But even if you avoid the photographic pink cafe, walking all the surrounding streets are dreamy. And the weather had warmed up a bit (or maybe all the steps warmed us up) , but the shine and fall weather were perfect. 


She enjoys going down the steps too. Maybe its because we’re in florida and we have zero hills and almost zero steps? 

We stood here and made up stories about the people who lived here. Marlowe has decided she will live in Europe one day. When I ask her why she tells me because the food is better and the people care more about the earth. I second this. 

What even is this place? A cheese shop? Restaurant? I’m not into cheese obviously, but Iit’s just so cute. 

I felt cute. I took a photo. Simple. 

This also happened to be the day that we spent tea-partying near the Eiffel tower and filling our bodies with delicious vegan and gluten free treats in celebration of miss Marlowe. Overall it was such a fun day. And such a cute day. And magical. And dreamy. And all the adjectives you’d want to use to explain a really lovely day roaming Paris. 

Veggie burgers and salads for breakfast? Cookies and cakes for lunch? Pizza for dinner? I think she’s right Europe has the best food. I don’t blame Marlowe for wanting to live here 🙂 

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