Hello from Cartagena Colombia!

How are you guys.?! I’m good. Worn and tired, but good for sure. We ended our road trip in Valladolid Mexico and drove to Cancun to catch our afternoon flight out. We then had a quick 30 hour or so layover in Florida — well, quick depending on how you look at it. There were flights from Cancun to Bogotá to Cartagena available, but florida made sense— an 8 hour layover in Bogotá airport would have been difficult (food wise) andddd it was actually waaaaay cheaper to fly to Florida, then Cartagena. Like, 300$ cheaper! And as a bonus to my odd travel routes and planning, we got to see my family and drop off about 60+% of our luggage to travel lighter to Colombia! Win win win.

And so we arrived. All 11 of us, mostly at the same time. Colombian family from Florida and Bogotá, and my mom and step dad from Massachusetts.  We grabbed our luggage and arrived to the most gorgeous house to stay in for the week. The weather is hot hot hot— about the same as it was in Mexico– at least the same as Mérida, maybe warmer than Playa Del Carmen. Which is fine for us, but I imagine my mother and all the family coming in from Bogota are feeling the heat haha.

The house and city are beautiful, everyone is happy, the food is delicious, and we’re celebrating my mom. So far so good. We’ve only had one minor hiccup– about an hour ago Marlowe took a pretty big face hit on the cement stairs. Luckily it was only down the first step– but her mouth/face/gums are pretty beat up. The good news is: her adult teeth seem to be firm in there still. (Thank freaking goodness).  And the other good news is that the entire family was out for a walk when it happened. It was only Alex, myself, and my mom here. Ten older hispanic ladies worried and surrounding Marlowe? That sounds like a shy kid nightmare. She would have cried just from the mob, haha.

But she’s okay. She will be. Alex needs to just stop pacing and worrying about her. It’s sweet, but not helping, haha. But overall, we’re good. Yes, when I think about the fact that we’re out of Mexico, I’m sad. But this trip was a good interlude between Mexico and home.  And!  I get to go pick up one of my best friends from the airport in about an hour to join us. Another crazy Colombian to add to the mix.

I hope you guys don’t mind that I’ll be sharing tons more Mexico pics coming up– our road trip was awesome, amazing, the best. So many photos and memories to document. Thanks for being here friends– through all our lives ups and downs and here and there travel adventures. We’re heading back home soon– where it’s time to adjust, shift, and make a new path in a same old place. Maybe with some gorgeous tiles? DYING over all the beautiful floors in Mexico and Cartagena! <3

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend! Cheers friends!

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