How It Started

I started a public online journal in 2001 where I quickly picked up a following by simply oversharing my thoughts and ideas. As locations changed, and life evolved, Ohdeardrea was created to document a new, motherhood-focused life. 

I’m often referred to as “the honest blogger”— as I have always put my whole self out there, with no walls or barriers. I have overshared my life for a long time on Ohdeardrea and beyond. I see no reason to hold back, as I feel that complete transparency is the key to total freedom and genuine relationships. I want everyone to see the real me and decide from there how we will move forward.

Originally a place to document single parenting, Ohdeardrea became a happy community space where readers can find daily inspiration, family, travel (especially in Central America), vegan recipes, minimalistic sustainable living, stories of healing, sunshine, adventure and so much more. I was lucky enough to support my family through sponsored posts, while providing insight and inspiration for readers. Ohdeardrea truly was a dream I never imagined I could create. (But I did). 

2020 The Quiet Regrouping

I took a break from Ohdeardrea at the start of 2020. Without knowing everything that was about to happen, I could feel (for a while) that there were a lot of changes about to take place. Marlowe and I bailed out of the U.S. and retreated into the rainforest of Costa Rica to experience a quiet, unplugged time. I was tired of promoting brands every week. I wanted to experience a life without sharing. And I wanted to see what I could feel in silence and without the social media noise. I learned a lot in this time. Mostly that, (over) sharing is not a problem for me— it’s a form of creativity and aids in my personal growth. I also learned that practicing mindfulness and compassion doesn’t mean helping (changing) everyone. 

I learned that while I do want to personally grow, connect and inspire those who want to also; it would benefit me to be mindful of all future interactions moving forward. In the same way that I mindfully choose what is in my direct tangible life, I should bring more awareness to my online relationships and interactions as well. 

I also, finally, came to the realization that I can’t help everyone, as we’re all on our own paths. I’ve been through ups and downs and dark places myself. Light doesn’t feel positive to all people at all times. While I’d love to share inspiration and health in all beings, I know people will find their own paths in their own time. And I look forward to the time when interconnections and synchronicity lead them to me and this blog space so we can grow from each other. 

Following Intuition And Leading With Curiosity

My blog world has certainly had its shifts and changes throughout the years. It has been able to shift and grow just as I have. Adaptability is king in a life where anything is possible, and this place too has adapted. While the idea of giving up a full-time income through weekly sponsored posts IS a bit intimidating, I want to stay true to my belief that less is more. 

This year, 2021, I’ve shifted Ohdeardrea into a private readers-supported community. I hope to continue to bring the same honesty and life content I always have, but with focus, a clear intention, less sponsored posts, and a stronger community. I want this space to draw in the curious seekers and awaken soul-searchers of this world. I want this to be a place where I can directly connect with those also looking to grow— so we can grow together. 

From personal experience, I’ve learned that we truly can create, manifest, or call in the reality and future we want. I hope to show others the way to do this too through personal experiences, private journals, videos, and more. Letting go of fear and indoctrinated constructs and mindsets, following our innate intuition, and leading with curiosity can bring us to the future selves we desire. 

With a little bit of focus and intention, I truly believe we can find everything we want and more. I’m grateful your path led you here. You are part of my growth process and I hope to be part of yours too. Thank you for supporting and taking part in this space through the years. 

Thank You!

Ohdeardrea is a space intended to connect and inspire. Thank you for coming here and being part of life’s adventure. This blog would be nothing without all of you. Your participation here directly supports my family our farm, and our dream projects.

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