You know those moments when you’re more or less non-stop working, but it feels like nothing is working or being accomplished at the very same time? I’m feeling that. I’m also feeling like we’re living in a very non-organized cluttered mess. And while we’ve def. gotten laxer with our “need” to organize and keep things tidy, it’s still not helping my vibe over here, haha.

So every day I’m working on trying to get all the little tasks done, hoping they eventually feel like they’re adding up to something, and trying to find peace in the chaos. For sure it’s a lesson in balance. I’m putting too much pressure on myself sometimes— and I know it. But I try to remind myself that it’s more about the slow and steady — especially if I want to continue improving my health rather than degrade it with stress.

And so, while I don’t feel accomplished all the days, I’m trying to make sure I place an extra emphasis on time outside, reading books that feed my brain and eating well. And spending quality time with the fam of course. Well, as much as I can with Marlowe— she’s mostly out and about in the neighborhood or locked in her room playing legos with friends. But I’m not offended. She’s not wrong when she tells us, “I’m just trying to spend as much time possible with friends and people now. So I can wear all my people time out before I get to be an introvert on the farm again.” She knows– this time for her is playtime– she needs to get as much in as she can. Because in a few short weeks, we’re going to live a very, very different life.

So here we are— pictures of recently enjoyed things/ life lately in pictures.

Alex among the clutter. This shot looked much cuter in our home tour 😉 The couch/bed situation out here is now gone. Marlowe’s desk has been moved from her room to here to sell. We’ve basically sold ALL our furniture except that one chair and the tables on the ground– we plan to more than likely bring those with us– as there is nowhere to sit on the farm. A tow for our car on the floor of our dining room and stacks of clutter to sell, pack, or organize. It’s like a living i-spy.

Daily average temp inside. And a new collection of tinctures to bring to Guatemala. Usually, by the end of the day, it’s 89 in here. Wild, I know. We all feel like it’ll make us that much more grateful to move to a temperate location.

Fruit massacre. This heat makes it much easier to eat mostly raw. This also made Alex bring up the point that everyone living in heating or cooling is probably not properly eating with the seasons. It made me oh so very proud to hear him say that 😉
Her room a week ago. This week this is nothing but a bare wall that needs a touch-up of paint and legos scattered on the floor. We’ve left all her drawings up. And her bookshelves will be packed last so she has access to her favorite things and the room doesn’t feel too sad. But honestly, she doesn’t even have a mattress in her room right now. We sold that too. But she has a bed frame and piles of pillows laid out as a mattress. It’s actually way cozier than it sounds or looks. We’ll buy an air mattress this coming week when we head to the city– since we’ll need more on the farm anyway.

My messy bedside table. A library book that I’ve picked up and put down about 20 times. Then I started a new one two days later— that I am not almost done with. A toothbrush AND a skin brush– both for skin-brushing and moving my lymph. A headband. Because I need my hair away from my neck and face 24/7. Some essential oils. And a headlamp– so I don’t step on scorpions if I get up for a midnight pee.  (Time Among The Maya looks great by the way— I just need to be more relaxed to read it.)
A love letter from a friend. I’ve gone through phases here in Mexico– somewhere I’m out and about a super social. And somewhere I’m quieter. I’m grateful for some of the stronger friendships I’ve built. And grateful for the kindness and door-to-door love letters in a time when online convos in the norm.
I woke up at 4 or 5 am the other day. I tried to go back to sleep but my to-do list was nagging me. I know from the outside it may not be apparent how much time I need to spend on this space— but all the back-end details have been very time-consuming lately. I spent the entire day at the table, working. Here is the sun coming up, just before 8 am.

Two things: 1. The sun absolutely rises too late here. 2. This online space is being adjusted once again. You guys don’t have to worry about it since you’re already members and logged in— but I’m trying to shift to better fit the demands in front of me and make sure I’m offering as much as I can without falling short or over-straining. Ya know? Just trying to do my best everyday.

Beach escape. Honestly, we should be doing more of this given that we will be a minimum of 3 hours from a beach soon.
Going to miss this bright kitchen and the rainbows provided by the morning sun. Other than the heat there’s so much ease in this space. The next few months/year will be interesting until we have a kitchen again.
Marlowe appreciation photo. She collected rocks on a nature field trip. Used them to paint. I’m into it.


Also– it’s been really nice and convienent that we sold most of our big furniture to our landlord– because we can have our things be sold– but also live in the house with our things until we leave.

Oh man guys. Do I seem stressed? I’m doing much better than last week (my health was rough last week), and so now I’m tyring to just get everything in line in my life. It hit me today Marlowe has two weeks left of school. And then thats it— we hit the road. Whoa.

Okay guys! I have to eat dinner and run to an appointment! I hope you’re well in the world! Thanks for being here 🙂

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