I’m still trying everyday to live in the present. After knowing myself and my brain for the past 31 years, I’d say I’m doing a pretty decent job right now. Last year forced me to change a lot of things mostly by way of my mind flow and thinking. Especially with time and patience. I’ve always enjoyed the simpler moments. I mean, yes, I’d like my life to be some big constant traveling adventure— but I do find most of my pleasure in the super simple everyday moments. Moments like these. I just need warm sun, a cool breeze, and time outside with the people I love. This thought went through my head so many times in the past week. Even in the rare moments where I struggled with Alex, or Marlowe, or even myself, I could find that calm in the sun and breeze. And I’m grateful for that.

We had a really good weekend over here. You may have noticed (on instagram or wherever else), but we did end up taking our butts to Miami. It was exhausting in the best way. Marlowe had her first public tantrum/cry in maybe 2 or 3 years. But before and after that, it was a really good time. I took so many photos, I can’t wait to share them all with you. Alex even grabbed the camera so I’m in a good amount of photos too! (rare).I feel like I don’t take as many photos of these quiet moments like I used to. I think I just slowed down over the past year. But I want to do it again. These moments are just as important as the big ones, that traveling ones, the special occasion ones. These are the everyday things I love so much. Life is too short and I want to hold on to all these little things.

It’s crazy how time can change so much and so little. We haven’t done much to this outdoor space in the past three years– we’ve just built on to what we already had. Layers of love. (You can see three years ago cuteness and an empty older space here). She was small(er) then. But still one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. And right now, I don’t care about where we’ll be another three years from now, I’m happy right here.

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend. Thanks for sharing this space with me.


  1. Your blog is so colourful and beautiful. This post makes me realise how much I love simple moments and spending time outside 🙂

  2. It's one of the main reasons I have a blog, to record those little things that might be forgotten in the mists of time. So nice to look back and remember them. She's made a fantastic job of those pots. CJ xx