Hi Friends! We’re still in Tapachula! We made it to Guate– and ended up right back here. It’s a long story– and we’re facing some serious hurdles, but we’re getting through it! I’m getting together a video on our experience, but in the meantime, I thought I would share a MASSIVE food post with you guys. Here is a collection of photos I gathered from our time here in Mexico. I’m sure if I search I can find a lot more but with 20+ photos, this is already a massive post.

These are photos dating all the way back from our very first week here in Mexico (my how Marlowe has grown!). All the way up to this month! I mentioned this but our diet has changed a bit for sure. I switched to avoid latex foods and lectin foods about a month before our trip– but now I’m seriously living on piles of lectins to get enough calories in on this trip. I plan to get back to my lectin-free eating– or mostly lectin-free eating once we’re finally settled– even if our kitchen setup will be less than ideal. But as this road trip has shown us– we can def make it work!

Mexico treated us alright with food. It wasn’t as abundant in variety in foods– especially tropical fruits. The veg stands were pretty standard (and boring) most of the time. During the winter season, we could get the most amazing variety of greens tho– and far more variety of other vegetables too. Summer is more abundant in the world of fruit– but still HIGHLY limited on the west coast. But we were always well fed– and with a bit of work, we were able to acquire almost entirely organic food in our area (with the exceptions of pineapples). We did well.

Anyway– here is a collection of some of the food we eat during our year and a few months’ residencies in Mexico…

Ps. The photo above is of our very first week. I sort of miss Marlowe’s hair like this. It looks so cute!

It’s not Mexico without tacos and chocolate, right? Overall, it’s pretty damn easy to subscribe to a vegan diet in Mexico– plenty of smaller, even roadside stands had vegan-friendly options. Marlowe usually liked the nopal or huitlacoche (corn mold) tacos best. And obviously, chocolate. We all would choose chocolate over any other dessert at any time.

Sushi on the road– one of the easiest travel foods. 

Sushi at home.
But honestly, most of the time we did spring rolls– since you don’t have to mother making rice. Or, for me, I would do sushi/spring roll wraps in nori instead of rice when I was trying to avoid lectins 🙂

Occasional picnic vibes. Typically on the beach. Veg sticks, chips popcorn, hummus, bean dip, guac, all the things. Or in the case of the bottom photos– giant salads with plantains is always a good option.

Salads with shredded veg, onion, and chickpea flour cakes. nom.

Sometimes what happens is Marlowe and Alex are really craving something that doesn’t sit well with me and my allergies– so I tell them to make their meal and I make myself something. In this case, they had tacos and I made myself a beet pasta. Marlowe was grossed out by the idea of it– but then she decided to try one bite and that was her face– she was in love. She would be SO happy if I made this for her today. She requests it all the time now.

She also really loves brussel sprouts– we all do. She had brussels with carrots in the beet sauce I make for my pasta– and pasta of cherry tomatoes and fermented garlic. And a salad too.

More brussel sprouts– this time with millet and a salad and guacamole.

Rice bowls– roasted broccoli,  plantains, shredded vegetable (cabbage, radish, carrots), avocado, steamed greens, and herbs. Usually topped with a miso tahini sauce.

Lots of juice. Sometimes matching my shirt. Orange, pineapple, or carrot are my go-to’s.

Tacos— with options for black beans, greens, guacamole, pico de gallo, hot sauce, “cheesy” sauce, roasted veg (sweet potato, brussels, carrots, broccoli, saurkraut, and lettuce wrap greens for me.

Even when it’s sweltering hot in Mexico summer, we still love miso soup. With added noodles. And a side of coleslaw, because Marlowe loves it and my mom was visiting.

Enfrijoladas in Oaxaca.

Some sort of roasted pepper and eggplant spread, roasted tomatoes, and butter lettuce. Easy peasy.

Rice, sauteed turmeric cabbage and carrot, greens, and avocado. An easy crowd-pleaser at our house.

Alright friends, I have to go figure out how to get us out of Tapachula. I hope you’re all well in the world! And wherever you are, remember to feed your bellies and brains well. Remember– if you eat like garbage, youre going to feel like garbage– there’s no other way around it <3

Wish us luck in our border crossing adventures!


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