I have a few posts in draft right now. I went back and forth between a tropical + eco-friendly packing post or a more northern, colder feeling family Montreal post. But since I’m currently in sweatpants, socks, and a sweat shirt, I thought the Canada post felt better. My hands are seriously freezing– I just stuck one hang on alex’s forehead (the only part of his body exposed from under ten layers of blankets) and he screamed haha.

Canada was colder than we planned. Colder than the Canadians probably planned too, haha. It was apparently an off summer for Canadian folk– as they’re usually pretty warm in summer. We didn’t mind though. We’re always grateful to have the opportunity to escape the Florida heat in summer.

And I know I mentioned this, but I was sort of nervous about the Canada trip. We had originally planned a huge Colombia trip in this time, but due to my health we decided a trip to Massachusetts + a road trip to Canada might actually be easier on my body. But after booking everything I was nervous that maybe our trip wouldn’t be as great as I had hoped and that it would maybe feel like a waste of money and a waste of vacation time. This wasn’t the case at all. We had a great time in Canada. I can’t wait to show you guys pictures from our botanical garden day— gosh the Montreal gardens are the prettiest botanical gardens we’ve ever been to by far. SO GOOD.

I wasn’t super nervous about the language thing in Montreal. I’ve been to Montreal a bunch of times in my lifetime– as a kid and as an adult and never remembered having an issue. But this trip, well it was funny– the first two people I tried to talk to after entering Montreal did not speak English. I was like, “whoa whoa whoa what happened? What did I get myself into!?” Thankfully this wasn’t a recurring theme for our trip. I was right in not being worried– most people did speak English, just like I remembered. Really though, the biggest thing is knowing how to say vegan and “no nuts” haha. As long as I got that down– in any language, it’s not so bad 😉

Passionfruit, pineapple, banana juice. So good.
Vegan food was NOT an issue. Omg, I was so happy in Montreal. Vegan food everywhere– especially in the mile end neighborhood (where we stayed). This was Marlowe’s plate of food– the food runner audibly laughed when he realized this giant plate of food was for Marlowe. 
I like the beard + plaid combo going on here.

So many cute diners/restaurants/places/everything. It was such a nice change from Worcester. Overtime I visit my mom I hope there will be more vegan /healthy options– but there never are (other than at my mom’s house of course, haha). Montreal was so packed. Good job, Canada!

Uterus class anyone? So into this. Yes, vulva puppets.

We checked out the giant Jean talon Market too of course! There wasn’t a ton of cooked food options here (lots of produce obviously) but it was still really nice to check out regardless.

Marlowe really wanted dessert but hadn’t eaten a vegetable in a while, so I made her pic a vegetable and eat it first, haha. #parenting. Also, she’s been very into the scarf wrap thing lately. I’m into it, whatever she wants.

Prettiest flowers. Maybe I’m just desensitized to Florida flowers, but I’m always so obsessed with Flowers everywhere we travel to.

Lychees! I was also super surprised by the over-abundance of tropical fruits in Montreal! I mean, I’m sure they were expensive– but there were a ton! We even saw some good ole’ giant Florida avocados!

Our first day was filled with so much food, sunshine, and exploring. We really enjoyed wandering around Montreal– especially hr mile end. We headed to the touristy spots too– but this was more our speed 😉


  1. I loved your post!! Where did you take the picture with the pompom vase :O I need.

  2. Beard + Plaid = Canadian uniform (more or less!). Great post <3 Montreal is a fabulous city to visit, even for those of us who live nearby.

  3. Meghan Campbell

    Been looking forward to hearing about your trip to Montreal! Looks like a great time. I’m a little curious why you were worried the trip to Canada might be underwhelming? No need to explain, I’m just interested. Hugs!

    • Andrea

      Only because we’re not really cold/city people. We’re more outdoorsy tropical people! So I was worried city life might not be as fun?! We need dup having such a great time tho— even without palm trees 🙂

  4. Hello Drea!

    You hit up all the good spots in MTL. Thanks for the Fierce Uterus series shout out. I am a co-founder of the Tiger Lotus Coop and make the vulva and uterus puppets. We had a lot of fun. I wish you guys had joined! There are always lots of children with us. Next time. 🙂

    • Andrea

      thats so fun! I would totally be at all the events if I was local!