How are you guys?! These last few weeks have been good. Rough day today for me, but sometimes that’s life. Ups and downs, you know? It’s good. I have a ton of really thoughtful, longer posts in drafts, but in the meantime, I thought I could post this fun little project that we did a few months back.

Our apartment is almost done with renovations. We have a small to do list going. Nothing crazy– get some hooks in the ceilings for plants, hang some curtains, I’d like to eventually build a desk to work from, yada yada. More of the tedious stuff, not the fun design stuff so much 🙂 Our home, on the other hand, as you can assume is all done with major renovations. Here and there we’ll, of course, make design improvements (I’d like to re-paint one of the rooms for sure– Marlowe’s old room if you’re curious), but nothing crazy (no plans for it yet anyway).

Months ago… I’m not even sure how long ago we found this really cool Italian vintage piece. It was a random find that we stumbled on while thrifting/antiquing one day. It really needed some love, but it was too cool to pass up. So we brought it home, picked up some fabric and some rope and gave it a little facelift. Nothing crazy… maybe something more like botox injections than a true facelift, haha. Anyway, I thought I’d share 🙂

I wanted a more natural feel so I wrapped the metal with hemp rope. That seems to be my answer for everything, haha. Don’t like it? Cover it in rope. The fabric on the cushion was pretty thin and you guys know we like textures, so we fastened a much thicker, textured fabric to the cushion.

We knew that the fabric on the sides wasn’t really repairable unless I wove new fabric in– which I’ll be honest, I could probably figure out a way to do it— but I thought it was just so neat to have it as is– you know, like it kept its past story 🙂

And voila! It’s nothing crazy. But I think it really looks cool in the space. It’s rare we have a ton of guests in the house unless we were throwing some sort of party, but still, maybe future guests might have an intimate gathering– and now the room is even more conversational and while it’s a big, well-lit space, it’s still tremendously cozy.

I used to post a lot of before and after /  upcycle posts a lot a long, long time again. And again, this isn’t something crazy, but I just wanted to remind you guys that buying second hand can be pretty rad– and it’s really SO MUCH better for the planet.  Things don’t have to be perfect to find a perfect place in your home 🙂 Yeah, some projects require a lot of love, patience, and creative skill, but some really don’t. I’m pretty sure I could have hired Marlowe to wrap the rope if need be — easy peasy.

So what do you think? Into it? Or not worth the love?


  1. I love it! I’d love to know where you got the fabric? I’m looking to recover my dining room chairs and that would be perfect!

  2. This looks so great, especially with the tiled floor! I love older furniture, too, currently saving & on the lookout for a new-to-me couch. Not sure I have as much patience as you do for a restoration project, though 😊