Hi friends! How was your weekend and week in general?! I feel like I’ve been so disconnected from my computer lately. So so so disconnected. I often disconnect from texts and phone calls, but I’m usually pretty up to date on emails and messages, but not this week. Honestly, I think it’s few things, but one of the major components must be the amazing weather. I just cant stand to look at the computer or phone screen with the weather being so lovely. I just want to sit outside and listen to the trees and birds all day long. (Yeah, I’m one of those).I think another part of the problem may also just be my writing thoughts and creativity. I’m not sure what exactly to write about. There are so many big issues going on that sometimes writing about the little things feels silly or trivial. But then I know that — that is why I’m here and why I write— because I often want to focus on the little things that make my life good or happy— All the things that I want to focus on, despite the bad. I don’t know. I just overthink (too much).So I do have a lot to say I guess. I’m just never sure where to start or what to focus on… so for now, I’m doing what I do best: tiny happy moments of my day– the moment that when put all together make for a really good and magical day.

I woke up today (sunday) and the weather was perfect, the sun was shining, and I knew that even though I would be home for almost the entire day, it would still be a good one.

I woke up at 7 am to jerry wandering the house. This happens often. I usually let him out and sneak back to bed. I made it until about 8:20 until I woke up to the usual *tap tap tap* on my boob and then the everyday “I’m hungry” in my ear from miss Marlowe. But this morning, unlike most mornings, we hear a knock on the door and find a Nico outside, bright and early to help Alex out in the garden.

I carve out an entire pineapple. Eat half of it. And then chop the rest and leave on a plate for the guys.

Alex has been spending much of this week putting in a water irrigation system in the yard. Nico came over to help with the backyard today. We’re hoping to have this system in place around the entire house on every outdoor plant. This way, if we’re away for long periods of time, no one has to worry about watering. Everything gets love.

I spend my morning inside. I open every single window (except the one by the chicken coop and the one by the trash cans, cause yuck). I dust a few things. Fluff some pillows. Make my bed. And tidy up Marlowe’s room a bit. I do this all in preparation to spend the entire day on my computer.

Marlowe face-times with abu (my mom).

(Messy happy clutter.)

Marlowe then heads back outside to hang in sunshine…. with her baby.
(Cutest babies.)

I follow. I complain about the dying, but invasive oregano (not pictured) and head back inside.

I head back to my computer, and realize that I have chosen to install something or other and I wont be able to use my computer for a long, long while. I clean up my desk while I wait. Cute cards by Karen Thaco. (thanks for the gift, Karen!)

The desk is clean and then realized that I would still be waiting for what feels like forever and I start wandering around the house.

But stopped and smelled the flowers.

Check the food situation in the kitchen and feel lost so I start soaking split peas for split pea soup (in cookbook)

Make marlowe a snack and head back to the computer to finally work.

She eats a bit and quickly returns to complain of boredom. I set her up with a painting station and bring her snack outside and head back to work. I work for another 40 minutes or so and decide, maybe the computer tasks are meant for nighttime or another day 😉

And so Marlowe and I head to Whole Foods to buy food. I don’t have any pictures to show you. And the whole thing was a pretty big downer…. so here are pretty flowers instead.

I’ve basically decided that I’m not leaving my house again until the holidays are over. Because the holidays very obviously make everyone miserable and crazy and I don’t want any part of it. I literally had someone try to get me involved in their unnecessary fight and I just turned away. Then the lady behind me, who is also tense by life and the fight commotion started rolling her eyes and singing “falalalala” and I was just standing there like “whoa everyone needs to take a nice deep breath in and get some sunshine.” I buy my 100 bananas and leave… quickly. So yeah, if you need me, I’l be hermit-ing at my house until after christmas. K? Cool.

I come home and make everyone smoothies, because smoothies make life better. Funny, because I used to be indifferent to smoothies and now I crave them every day. Alex heads to work. Nico and Marlowe drink banana smoothies and do a puzzle.

Nico and I spend about an hour outside on the front porch talking about life and positivity energy and other crunchy things until Marlowe asks if I can make her dinner. And so I do. I make a mushroom bolognese sauce for quinoa / brown rice noodles. Nico collects herbs. Marlowe sets the table.

We enjoy dinner, clean kitchen, I then prep ten million bananas for freezing and make sweet potato fries post dinner– because that seems to be my late night cooked snack of choice lately.

Right now it’s 10 pm, the windows are still open. Music is still playing. And I’m very much looking forward to crawling into bed in a minute because I swear I’m hardly seeing straight. Tomorrows forecast calls for rain, but if the sun is shining, I’m absolutely heading to the beach (theres no angry holiday people there). And rain or shine, I, 100% plan on getting a painfully good asian massage– because it hurts so good.

Today was good. This weekend was good. This whole past week was really good. It’s all the little happy moments in life that make it oh so good.

I hope you guys have an amazing week ahead of you! What Marlowe Eats will be up soon. Maybe a recipe. &more photos and talk about Guatemala <3

ps. I did a half bun today on my head. I thought it looked cute. I later looked at my self and realized it mostly just looked like a giant donut on my head. Que sera sera. Life is still good 😉

Happy monday, friends.



  1. I def did a double-take at your half-bun-head. I like it. Marlowe and her baby doll is the cutest damn thing ever. Also, did you actually sell…anything at your garage sale? Also, hi.

  2. This sounds like such a lovely, chill day. My girls also call their Abuela, Abu ❤️ Sweet potato fries have been big around here as well. Do you use coconut oil on them? I can't seem to make them taste good without it ????