Well, friends, it’s time to say goodbye to all our things as we minimize even more! Our house sold quicker than we anticipated and so now we’re hosting a large estate sale a few days after our return to the states!

There are a few larger pieces that have already been sold to the new homeowners and a few smaller pieces we plan to keep for ourselves— but there are still A LOT of items that need a new loving home.

We’ll have wall hangings, furniture, kitchen items, plants, books, bedding, hats, all odds, and ends– basically any and everything you need to make a house a (beautiful) home. Most of everything is in great condition. And so much of it has been collected over the years— so many handcrafted, one of a kind items that we’ll definitely miss, but we just don’t have space for anymore.

So if you’re local, mark your calendars and please come on by and check out the items we have available for purchase 🙂 This Saturday, at 9 am! Hooray!

August 10th, at 9 am.
1033 park circle N.
West Palm Beach.

Ps. If youre not local, I *might* be selling smaller decorative leftover goodies online– if there is anything left. We’ll see. Also, the vintage indian textile above my bedframe will be available for auction on instagram at some point 🙂 Thanks!


  1. Are you by any chance willing to ship a curtain? I love the pink and green floral curtain on your home posts and have never managed to come across any similar ones.

  2. Super excited about this! Park Circle is super close to where I live (I’m right off Parker), so hopefully, I can swing by and pick up some beautiful handcrafted goodies for my home 🙂