So we opted to stay home this week. We almost flew to New Orléans, Cancun, or Aruba, but ended up at home. At the end of the day I didn’t want to spend 700-ish$ to fly somewhere for three days. Not this week anyway, haha. Anddd I just booked an apartment for a week of camp Marlowe is attending in Mexico early next year. She’s also been asking to go back to Playa Del Carmen. And since she has been working on her Spanish, I thought maybe after a few more weeks I could make her put some of her words and phases to use. But for now, maybe some chill at home time? I just really wish we could go to the beach at some point here. Maybe one day.

Anyway, we are not in New Orléans this week. Would be nice to be! I’d love to eat my way through that town again! Heres my New Orleans vegan food guide, if you’re interested!  It’s insanely cheap to fly there from our normal airport. Sometimes around 75$ round trip– we can’t beat that! So for now, while we’re not in New Orléans, but I wanted to leave these photos that I took last time (all the way back in April!) on this space.

Little moments here and there. You know, simple pictures of enjoyed things in our time there.

For New Orléans moment– day time bar with a hipster band playing.

All the best balconies. The people who built New Orléans were smart– big balconies and tall ceilings– things that make sense for hot humid weather and air circulation. Something I wish I had here in Florida for sure. At least Key West got it right.

Me, being a super cool kid. And coffee. I could go for jeans and coffee right now.

Black houses! What are your thoughts? Theres a few around here! I love the way they look but I imagine the cooling bill is really high! When we re-did the roof on our house, I opted the for super light-colored eco one. Because 1. better for the earth. 2. lower ac bills? Sign me up.  // Sunsets.

Tell my mother I love her.

All the snacks and flowers. I’m not sure if you guys remember, but we flew out this week to New Orléans to attend our friends wedding. Well, I offered up my serviced for umbrella picking up, flowers, and snack buying. Obviously snacks are crucial for wedding getting readiness. I bought all the chips. Katie and I have a thing for chips. I went and delivered all the things– and then started crying as soon as I saw Katie. I’m a happy wedding crying sucker guys. (ps. Katie, if you’re reading this. I still need and want to post photos of your amazing freaking day.)

All the pink and pretty walls. Alex pointed out that my outfit matched perfectly. I love him.

They’re posing. The Jerks. I got u to take a candid shot and they all got weird. Love you weirdos.

Tiny houses shoved between two giant buildings. Well, really, the house was probably there first and the apartments probably came and took over. + a mirror selfie while running errands.

All the rainbows. Forever. Alex wouldn’t let me paint our house rainbow. Maybe next time.

Alright friends! I’m going to shower my stinky self, maybe eat some papaya, and hang with the family— not in New Orléans 🙂 Cheers friends!

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  1. That picture of you in the chair at… a coffee shop? I desperately want that wallpaper. And the chair. And coffee.