I have realized this month that I desperately need to go over my drafts posts and 1. publish some. 2. finish some. 3. organize the rest of them. I just realized that I had spent my time putting together two, almost identical, posts! I actually find it funny at how I set them up almost completely the same. The only difference would be the photos with friends that Marlowe took. Either way, one post or two posts, we definitely had a great day. The market, the museum, and meeting new friends felt like a warm welcome hug from London. Like, Marlowe’s birthday was a huge surprise party and this was this was more of a low-key celebration.

We started the day with a smaller breakfast in the apartment. My guess is fruit. We made tea– always gotta make warm tea to carry. Marlowe read books– she can’t start the day without a book in hand.

And lucky for us, the apartment we stayed in was full of books. Mostly adult books of course, but she had a fair share of ones to entertain her as well.

Like every day we spent in London, we put on our jackets and headed out. While the weather wasn’t insanely cold (like our winter spent in Massachusetts) it sure was a bit chilly for us. We bundled up, brought our tea, and walked quickly through the street. At one point I saw someone take their phone endpoint it up, my gaze followed and boom, there was this house in the air. I forget the name of the artist now. My friend Lauren had told me to find this house. And I’ll be honest, it wasn’t really un my agenda– London is SO big. But then there it was, waiting to be found. While I don’t remember the artist’s name, I do know it’s supposed to be a representation of his life. His home back in his birth country being picked up and dropped in London.

Art is weird, but fun.

Marlowe’s face asking, “I don’t get it. What is this?”

And so, with the suggestion of a lot of people, we found ourselves at Borough market. And I’m happy we did. It can get pretty busy– but man, the food options were great. It makes me so happy to visit markets with so many delicious varieties of food. Even here in Florida typically drive to some of the further markets to find better options. The market by us, while it is getting better, is just still lacking. Slow progress is better than no progress, right?

And not only the food options, but thee were pretty stalls through out. We’re a big fan of seeing different types of flowers in different places in the world. Guatemala’s flowers might be my favorite though. They have that whole volcano soil thing going for them 😉

While waiting for friends to meet up with, Marlowe and I grabbed a dosa. This was a great choice.

And then friends showed up– and you know what we did? Grabbed another dosa, haha. There were so many food vendors– but we couldn’t help ourselves. We love a good dosa.

We walked around the busy market and laughed about the difference in temperature. How our London friends found the weather to be warm and quite nice this day, and we were in multiple layers underneath our sweatshirts. Or jumpers, because for them, it’s a jumper.

A photo fail.

Please note how their arms are showing and Marlowe and I are in scarves and hats.

Emma I hadn’t known for years or even months. But she reached out and was so sweet. She came down on a work break to say hi and to eat and wander with us a bit. She’s a travel obsessed lady too. So hopefully we can meet her again in some part of the world somewhere.

Sarah and I have been internet friends a long time. Years and years. She is actually the person who created the ‘ohdeardrea’ logo. And at one point had designed a header for me with icons as well. But that was many blog designs ago. The logo stayed though 🙂 It was SO good to finally meet her. It was like we’ve known each other forever (which in a way I guess we have). I wish so badly that we could have spent more time together and I could have met her cute kiddos. But next time, for sure.

You know, it’s always slightly nerve-wracking for me to meet strangers.  I’m just a more quiet type. But it was just so chill to spend the day with them. So easy.

Also, getting pictures with new people is always weird and terribly awkward, but we made it happen.

We had planned to visit the Tate museum while in London, and it just so happens that it was really close to the borough market, so without planning it, we had a perfect day lined up. We said goodbye to friends and heading in to check out the art. A lot of the museum is free too– which is always amazing. Marlowe really likes museums– also always amazing. And honestly, we were just a bit ride from walking, otherwise we could have spent all day there.

After the museum we decided to head back towards the market before heading back to our side of the city (we stayed in Hackney if you’re curious). And well, it’s not a true city experience without joining a sidewalk band.

But before leaving the area? We stopped for one more dosa and one more samosa. We sat on a park bench and laughed at how ridiculous it was to eat so many dosas and samosas in one day. But we agreed the borough market and an art museum was the best way to spend a day in London 🙂

I’d like to repeat this day one day.

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