It’s Christmas night. I just put Marlowe to bed, tidied up a bit, and Alex is doing dishes. I think we’re going to watch 50 first dates tonight. A cheesy classic. I wanted upload a photo I snapped today on my phone– a photo of my friends Christmas tree with two papayas sitting underneath it, waiting for me. But my blog still isn’t working right. But hey, neither am I. (I got glutened again– this time I was beyond careful, but the error of someone else left me ill). I’m letting it ride out. Hoping to feel stable and un-anxious by next week, when Marlowe and I fly out. The anxiety feeling is the worst part. Actually the loss in cognitive skills are the worst part– but that side effect isn’t as bad this time around thankfully.  It makes sense though, why people get anxious or depressed when they get glutened (the people who can’t tolerate gluten)–  it’s all in the gut. So are all those happy feelings. Kill your gut, kill your mood.

Anyway, I’m just happy I figured it all out. The first two years after getting sick were rough, at least now I know how and why so many strange symptoms lingered for so long. All those moments with an extremely bloated stomach raging anxiety, dizziness, and more—- those all make sense now. In the times where I eat well and avoid all the things, I feel good, really good now. Just gotta be more careful I guess (I didn’t think it was possible to be more careful, but gotta try).

You guys know that we don’t celebrate Christmas (if you didn’t know, you can read about that HERE). But still, it was a good and slow day. Alex had off today, different from all the other years, because this restaurant closes on Christmas. We still opt to not celebrate it, even with Alex here. Today we chose to hang out, eat Acai bowls, go to the movies, and then we stopped at our friends house, where papayas were waiting. The new Mary Poppins movie was incredibly adorable by the way. Reminded me of a lot of the older Disney movies (think bed knobs and broomsticks and Alice in Wonderland). I mean, everyone is a critic, but we personally all liked it.

Tomorrow Alex is back to work until the new year. I plan a slow week. Packing, knitting, reading, homeschooling Marlowe, healing, and not much more. Even with the anxiety feeling, I’m very much looking forward to the next few weeks. Okay friends, I’m off to climb into bed with Alex to watch a movie.

I just wanted to come on here and wish you a happy holiday season. I hope you’re happy, in love, and kind. Always kind. The world needs more loving and empathetic people. Happy holidays friends, whatever you celebrate, I hope it’s a good one.

ps. I still miss Jerry. This photo seemed right. <3

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  1. Hi Drea,

    I just went back to read the post on why you don’t celebrate Christmas and WOW. I loved it. Seriously everything about that post has been resonating with me this holiday season and to read it, as words coming from someone else’s head, was incredible. My family is very much a consumerism/materialistic/presents literally everywhere family and I’m not. It’s nice, sure, to get presents, but I’d rather do without – I just see the way my nieces and nephews swim under the sea of wrapping paper and it makes me so sad. Even my immediate family worrying about how many things this or that person got, how ‘generous some people are, but others aren’t’….and then I’m feeling guilty for not getting other people ‘enough’ because frankly its been a financially challenging year. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – even if it was a few years back – I completely agree with you. I am a Christian so I do keep Christ in Christmas, but as far as the material things and focus on presents and Santa and cookies, etc. etc., I could easily do without.

    PS: My bf and I did ‘gift’ each other a little getaway to Chicago this weekend, and I know its going to be unforgettable 🙂 Experiences over things, always!