Hi guys. I wrote this post last night– but it’s now 12 hours later, and I’m going to edit/update it a bit πŸ™‚ Hope thats not too weird πŸ™‚ Β How are you guys doing? Did you have a good weekend? Without much of a plan, I spent the weekend detoxing. Hell, I’m still majorly detoxing — but it doesn’t suck to be honest with you. I mean, it hurts. But the hurting part means it’s working. So I’m totally in and accepting the process– because there’s a good chance this pain will majorly benefit me once I’m done.

So what am I doing? Well, I’ve been posting the process on instagram — but if you don’t follow me there– I put out a sort of cry for help a few weeks ago– begging for any advice/personal experience you guys may have with viral problems. And I had a ton of responses and suggestions. Some were things I’ve tried. And some I have not. I have/had been on the fence about giving in and taking an anti viral for a while now. I really hate prescribed medicines– most of that stuff has more negative side effects thanΒ positive outcome. And everything I had read about antivirals did not sell me on trying them. Some people said they helped a little. Most people said they didn’t help much.

Well, one of you guys suggested monolaurin to fight off the viral stuff. You said that the antivirals didn’t work well, but monolaurin had worked amazing for you. So of course, I googled. And everything I found has said how totally safe it is. No side effects. Nothing bad. Well, no side effects once you get through the detox symptoms.

Well detox symptoms? I can handle. I basically detoxed the crap out of my body for a year after c. diff. In fact, I had just written about detox symptoms last time I opened up this blog— telling you guys that I had suffered through a few days of them before the probiotics majorly helped. I don’t think I ever mentioned how bad I smelled– maybe? You could smell the detox sweating out of my body for months. It was embarrassing.

Well that’s where I’m at now. Minus the smell though– haha. I feel like I’m on drugs all out of myself and off centered for sure– getting through the rough part before I feel better. I mean, there’s no guarantee that I’ll feel better– but I’m so hopeful that this will make a difference. Detox symptoms are typically a sure sign that whatever you’re doing is going to really work.

So, I can’t give you a review or full report on the monolaurin. I’m only on day 3-4. But I can tell you the detox/herx reaction happening in my body is no joke. Also I want to say I’m not affiliated with them in an way. I’m just trying to out for my own experience and really, really hoping to feel relief. And I’m not a doctor so if you decide to detox, too it with caution and under the guidance of a health care professional if you’re unsure on the process.

Detox symptoms I’m currently experiencing:
  • major blinding headaches
  • stomach aches
  • joint pain
  • light flashes
  • nausea
  • and just an overall weird brain fog giant head feeling.

But trust me, this isn’t me complaining. This is me running through my symptoms so you might know what to expect if you ever try it. But most importantly: this is me, feeling really positive that all this is happening in my body.

What I’m hoping I’ll gain out of this detox:
  • less or ZERO shingles outbreaks
  • zero herpes outbreaks
  • less or ZERO colon flares
  • overall better digestion
  • maybe less teeth grinding? That would be great.

Because maybe– just maybe– all this leftover shit in my body that’s been wearing me down is finally breaking. Maybe I’ll come out on top– or at least a few steps higher after this.

The first two days were the worst. I did not slowly work up to a dose like so many reviews suggested. I dove right now. Today was less difficult, but also because I scaled back down the dose a bit. While I am glutton for punishment and on a hefty mission to improve my overall health, I know I can slow down a bit too. This can work quick or this can work slow. It doesn’t really matter too much to me, as long as it works.

Outside of taking the supplement, I’m still drinking at least one giant green juice everyday and just trying to eat pretty well. While I know it would probably benefit my body to just juice the next few days so everything clears out faster and my symptoms are easier, I’m not holding myself to eating or fasting a certain way. I’m just eating the things I want to eat– and trying to focus on low fat and mostly fruit and veg/less grains. Oh and lots of water and licorice root /slippery elm tea. I make my own tea mix at night usually. And during the day I like this one (Marlowe likes it too).

So with this happening in my body now– I just wanted to come in and say “hi– this is what’s going on” but I’m signing out for tonight. I’m doing my best to enjoy these sunny days with my family while pushing through the detox– and I’m very happy about it. If you guys have ever tried monolaurin for yourself, please do message me. I’d love to know of your experience, what you’re using it for, and if you take it daily or as needed.

Okay friends! My brain hurts! I’m going to fold some laundry and watch teen mom– you know– stuff that takes zero brain cells to accomplish. I’ll be back and let ya know how this stuff goes! So far: so painfully good! <3 Wish me luck <3<3


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  1. Just a thought about those symptoms you listed, esp. the shingles and colon flares: I have a friend who went through the same symptoms and she had to eliminate grains completely and up her protein and now it has been like 6 years, no more shingles, no more colon flares. I think she got a blood panel that directed that way. But regardless, I know it was a nightmare for her before and it has been like night and day.