WordPress did some sort of update this week and it’s really been messing with my work flow. It looks cleaner, great. But all the posts I was working on in draft are no longer reachable. And I’m not sure what to do about that. Other than maybe throwing a fit and giving up. Kidding. (Sort of.) 

The good news is that none of this really affects you guys, as you cant see the backend of my blog system. Well, sort of. Because I guess if I cant create posts as efficiently, then it does affect you guys? If you can’t tell, I’m grumpy about a really mediocre problem. Well, I’m actually grumpy on a handful of things and it’s all sort of building up. And I’m trying not to let life eat at me, because that really doesn’t benefit anyone around me. You know? 

We’re still not back in our house. It’s just about done. The bathroom just needs a few things tweaked. And there is still a hole in the ceiling from our (past?) roof issues. After that, it should be done.

But honestly, I don’t really want to go back to it. Crazy sounding, I’m sure. But we’re looking into other options. Like, downsizing. Like, tiny housing it. Like, bunking up in a tiny space for a few years until we can one day move to Central America (I know, again). But I don’t know, we’re looking into options. Alex has quite a few hesitations about the tiny house thing. Honestly, my only hesitation is that I feel like there would be too much EMF radiation living in a tiny box. But I don’t know, I have to do more research. I’m just so sensitive to all that stuff now. It’s really crazy. But maybe it’s a good thing to be sensitive to it? Because it keeps me away from it more? I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. 

This season makes it a bit tough because Alex is basically gone around the clock. I think he has two days off in the next three weeks and might be going in for 14 hour days. This makes for more time-off later, I hope. But we do miss him now. Marlowe and I might end up in Mexico after all. Just for a few weeks. A getaway. If Alex isn’t going to be around anyway, then I cant really feel the guilt from picking up and leaving for a bit. Right? Sure.

The only thing stopping me is my body. The last colitis flare really F-ed me up. Like, really, really bad. I didn’t want to come here and write about it. I couldn’t even if I tried. But I could hardly speak or walk. It was scary. Really truly scary.

I’m doing better now by being adamant about the all fruit thing. And I’ve noticed a significant improvement in those things (memory seems to be on the up and up again. and I’m walking totally straight again. woot!). And I’ve had improvement in my gut as well. But the last colitis flare left me with some odd symptoms in my lady parts. Strange… but let me clarify.

So I was doing that detox, you guys remember that? I was experiencing major headache and flu (detox) symptoms taking the monolaurin. Which is good, because that means it was definitely killing things. Well, I feel like it might have killed some good things too and messed me up a bit. Because after taking it for a week or two I noticed I started feeling really depressed– which happens when my good bacteria dies off. Which is unfortunate, but I figured it was no big deal, I’ll stop and build up my gut again. 

Except a colitis flare happened a few days later. Pretty sure it was gluten or another allergy trigger, but really not sure. Regardless, the strain from my colon seems to have moved my internal organs off. I’m not entirely sure, but things just feel off in there. And in this time, I got my first yeast infection in maybe… 10 or 15 years?! I dont even know. I think I’ve had one once. But this is not a thing I typically deal with. So I was really throw off and confused. But I’m pretty sure the yeast was due to the monolaurin. But of course, I cant say for certain, because it could have been the colitis flare too. Or the hormones from the stress. Or maybe we could even maybe blame Alex, but who knows. 

All I know is that my lady parts have been off in a few ways. Which is definitely a newer thing for me. I used to get reoccurring BV about ten years ago (that one we can def blame Alex for). But that stopped happening when I became savvy about the whole thing and took steps to build up my system and make sure future ones wouldn’t be a problem. And maybe, just maybe Alex and my splitting up for a few years was a good thing? I mean, at least for my fem parts. 

Anyway, are we getting too personal here? All I’m trying to say is that this stuff is something I’m trying to figure out. I used to get cysts and I had super fibrocystic breasts (OUCH) but that cleared up with my diet changes and clean eating (food is medicine, guys). But now, I’m just trying to get it all under control. And once I can, I’m out of here— like out of florida. Because I feel like once that is back in order, I can mostly control everything else. And then I can pack up a little suitcase and taking the kid to the beach… at least for a few weeks.

(Speaking of the beach, don’t wear a bathing suit for longer than you have to, thats a sure way to catch some yeasties.)

So back to the detox: I stopped. So now: whats the case with my reoccurring shingles? Well, doing this fruitarian diet (correctly) has really improved it overall. On the day to day, I’ve been feeling better. 

Except, the last two days I could feel a shingles flare coming up. But what was the cause behind the sneaky shingles trying to make an appearance? I’m 100% certain it’s my hormones. I ovulate and the hormones flare an attack. On one hand this obviously sucks, because I’d like to be free of flares all together. And I’m not sure I can ever get to this point since so many of my symptoms flare due to natural hormones. But on the upside:  I’m at least understanding my body even more. So even if I cant rid myself of my shingles completely, now I know that right before I ovulate I can (and need to) take lysine and my other supplements to make sure my shingles will stay dormant. To be honest, I wasn’t even taking my lysine this month. My fruit diet had me feeling so much better that I hoped I didn’t need to take it anymore. And maybe, I don’t need to take it… except when my hormones are doing their things. 

So now, I plan to maybe skip the lysine (to give my body a break from it) for about two weeks. And then pick it up again midway between my periods— you know, between the full moons. (Had to throw some extra crunchiness in there). But for real, my periods are so in line and easy now, it’s nuts. The full moon comes, and so does my period. Body rhythm nature clockwork. I used to have the most dreadful, stay at home in bed and cry periods. But my diet really improved so much of that for me. I’m grateful for it. 

Yes, I am the crazy scientist type. 

But after destroying my body for most of my life, someones has got to take control of this thing. And no one is going to do it but me.

I posted this on Instagram: but I’ve been calculating what I eat everyday. I figure if I’m going to do this fruit thing, then I want to be sure I’m getting what I need. And it turns out I am. I’m pretty impressed. I need to up my greens for calcium intake, but otherwise, I’m good. And honestly, I’m probably getting the same amount of calcium as before. Because if you guys didn’t know this, grains are anti-nutrients and suck the calcium out of you. So now that I’m not eating grains (at least for now), I don’t have to worry about calcium depletion. The calcium goes directly where I need– or it should anyway. All I know is that I’m not worried about deficiencies of any sort.

(I hope to do a post more on that topic later.)

So yeah, we’ve been doing this nomad thing again (but not wanting to). I’m majorly working on my health. My lady parts are confusing me. I’m mostly keeping up with this fruitarian thing– I’m about 97%. because I’ve been eating potatoes and sweet potatoes on occasion. I want curry and dosas like crazy. But I’m good. Well, I’m good all things considered. The next few weeks seem like they’re going to be extra trying on me, but I just gotta roll with it. 

I’m meeting with a holistic pelvic practitioner this week and I’m hoping she can help me address this out of wack lady part situation. Then all I have to worry about are my external stressors. And for now, I’m going to try to focus on the bigger ones and let the smaller things like WordPress sucking, roll on by. Ya know? 

This post obviously has ten million topics in one. I never really know what to discuss when it comes to this health stuff– like what you guys might or might not be interested in. Diet? Hormones? Cysts? Vagina infections? Colitis? Shingles and viral stuff? I don’t know. I could talk about all that stuff for hours. And I will, if you let me/want me to. But I never know! So for now, I’ll just ramble through it all! 

I hope you guys are well! I’m going to work on getting these draft posts functioning… you know, like my body. I just want everything to function optimally! <3<3 Cheers! 


  1. It can help with yeast infections to supplement with yeast tablets. This sounds strange, but once you get a yeast infection you are susceptible to them always. My poor husband got one on his ankle after a surgery, well now he will get them if he takes an antibiotic (which is super rare for him). So I get him yeast tablets and that replaces all the good yeast killed off and seems to help prevent infections. I am not sure if yeast supplements are something you can look into to help balance you out. I sure hope everything is balanced soon. I know if is frustrating and can feel like it takes your body awhile.

  2. Courtney

    I wonder if you have a yeast infection because you are eating so much fruit? What type of probiotics do you recommend for vaginal health?

    • Crazy enough, I actually wasn’t doing the fruit thing when it happened. I was having some fruit– but trying to eat “balanced” but eating “balanced” rarely works for me, because any amount of “normal” fat triggers shingles for me. I started fruit about a week or so later. Went and got a following check up and they said it was all clear, no more signs of yeast. I think whats leftover is any inflammation from things being out of place– but again, I dont know. Hoping to get some answers tomorrow!

  3. Marisol E

    It is amazing that you are so devoted to understanding your body and seeking to heal it naturally- so so unusual in our society today, sadly.

    Thank you for being willing to share the knowledge & experience you’ve gathered! I would actually really like to know more of what you know about vaginal health! Before and during my pregnancy last yr I kept having recurring BV, which I kept going on antibiotics for, which contributed to my c. diff infection after giving birth. A doctor told me that some women have had success in keeping them at bay with a garlic supplement, so I’m doing that and eating WAY better than I used to, but curious to know what else can help! Not tryna be on antibiotics ever again if I don’t have to be.
    Sending peace & love!

    • Diet is a HUGE part in it! Hormones can play a part too — which would explain the sudden onset with pregnancy. But definitely go the probiotic route– loads of them to build up good bacteria and alive stuff that feed bad bacteria and yeast. Proceed with caution if you ever attempt to put a probiotic up your hoo-ha (thats the medical term). It can totally work but I definitely have had a weird experience with that!

  4. Hi! Sounds like you’re having a rough time of it, I hope things calm down soon. A good rant usually helps me feel a little better, too 😆

    Do you know what it was in your diet that helped with the cysts, or what it was that you stopped eating that made the difference? They’re causing me a bit of grief at the moment, and my pain levels also change depending on my hormones 😩 I also have some other issues going on, so if I could cross off (at least) one by changing my diet I’m willing to try.

    • you know, I guess there is no absolute way to know for certain, but I’m pretty sure it was the overhaul diet change— now everything can just detox so much better and things don’t build up or grow in my body anymore! I definitely think cutting out all the fat made a huge difference!

  5. Ugh, the latest WordPress update also messed my blog post draft system. I rather enjoy the old one. Its took my quite some time to learn how to justified all my drafts. You are not alone. *cries*

    Fay xo

    • you know, I dont think I would mind it so much except that I cannot use any of the posts I had in draft! They’ve all glitched out!

    • Good news! I figured it out! If you go to your plugins section you can install the old editor! 🙂