Hi friends! How are you? I finally remembered to post the photos from our bedroom tour! Woo! But I hope you’re not going to be incredibly disappointed when you see how incredibly simple our space is. Ideally, you’ll be excited to see such a pretty yet empty space. Less is more, right? In this case, I think it is. Unfortunately for you guys, everyone who has come by has said our room is much more impressive in person and that photos just don’t do the space justice. I think that’s pretty accurate… not great for the online world, but great for us, I guess? 🙂 When you step into our room in real life it’s like stepping into a tropical dreamy rainstorm. It’s pretty nice.

We have a few handmade collected pieces that we’d like to put up— but we cant do so without the space all of a sudden feeling cluttered. Oh and by “we” I mean “Alex.” I’m perfectly content not hanging up the other two pieces we have. One is a trama (wooden stick) with a collection of cintas (you saw the trama in our video tour and you’ll see the cintas in the photos below). And one if a makeshift shelf thing I purchased in Merida. It’s literally just a stick and rope but I love it so much. For now, its tucked behind my yarn.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling… let’s see some photos, eh?
I made this pillow from a vintage Guatemalan textile. We found the wooden centerpiece above our bed when we went to final cut. And the two light pieces we made. Well, I designed them and Alex made them. Woot!
Alex’s side of the bed. Super exciting, I know. He has a set of headphones for if he wants to listen to tunes before bed. And sometimes there is a small stack of papers here too. Not much else.  The rug is a vintage online purchase.
My pretty light fixtures. So happy with how these came out. The hands we purchased in Nepal. The wooden knob is from a hardware store and the electrical hardware we purchased online.

To the left of the room. Two baskets filled with yarns and other textiles for art projects. Also, that stick and rope shelf thing I mentioned. 
We have one large window in each of our bedrooms. And the weather is finally nice enough to keep them open!! It’s SO wonderful. When choosing a condo I knew I didn’t want a ground floor space so we could always keep our windows open. We haven’t left them open through the night though– we worry it’ll just be too loud with the trains. One day we’ll give it a try.

photo by celia d luna for mother mag.
Another empty wall. Across the bed, we have one photo on the wall. I bought two frames to hang up two pieces Marlowe made, but have yet to do it. I like the emptiness though. And the reality is I’m only ever looking at this wall when I’m in bed at night. So there’s no need to add more.

I know you wanted a close up of my baskets…
The picture. I purchased this amazing drawing in Mexico City. I love it so much.

Me on my bed. Fancy, I know.
photo by celia d luna for mother mag.

When we moved into our space we never had direct light coming into the windows. Winter has brought a nice surprise because with the rotation of the earth we now have sun streaming in at most times of the day.

Little details. I just love this little woven basket so much. I will forever keep it with me. Also, my tweezers sitting on top of my mirror. I’ll also keep those forever. It’s been about a 15 year strong relationship now.

A corner of textiles (cintas).

If I’m standing against the window/ on Alexs side of the bed you can see the other side of our room. Next to my bed there is this small mirror space and then a small hallway. The hallway has two closets. The one on the left is our clothing closet. The one on the right is now my new desk space (that I basically never use. Sorry Alex).

Our ugly bathroom.

My desk area. It’s really great. He did a good job. I should really use it more.

Some shelf things.

Little M and our bed becoming a toy zone. Doesn’t happen often (basically never) but it’s cute when it does.

Looking out from the bathroom. And a tiny space behind our door.

Like, if I stood in this space right now, it would look absolutely dreamy. In the photo? It’s okay. Fine really.

Totally normal moments.

Oh, and I know you guys all want to know about our paint job! I was thinking of trying to put together a video on how we did it? I feel like me verbally explaining it won’t be enough? But really it was a job of mostly love and some skill too. And maybe a bit of trial and error thrown in there too.

But essentially this is how we painted our ombre wall:

  • We (I) picked two colors that I felt went well together in an ombre format.
  • We then divided the wall into thirds and painted the top section the lightest color.
  • Then we painted the bottom section the darkest color.
  • Then we combined the two colors two create a third color and painted that in the middle.
  • We then let those three sections dry.
  • Then we combined the top and middle color together and we quickly (very quickly, our paint was thick and dried fast), rolled on a foot or so big section of the new paint color.
  • Then one person (again quickly) would spray the wall with a bit of water and the other took a brush to blend the top and bottom color with the new third color. Adding more of the light color or the dark color as needed.
  • We repeated that to combine the lighter and the darker section.

Again, I’m not sure that explains that well enough. It’s certainly a labor of love, but man it came out pretty. We’re definitely happy with it and I think we would both do it again if given the option to go back in time. I think it’s one way of having fewer things but not having a space look boring or like a Scandinavian living magazine. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think Scandinavian design is pretty awesome and aesthetically pleasing, but I like COLOR in my life. So this is a nice place for us to fall into for design and trying to live more minimalistically in our home.

Alright friends! I hope you’ve had a great week! I’m in a bit of a grumpy mood today (for no real reason other than the catching a case of the unexplainable grumps), but I think tomorrow will be better 🙂 And hey, the weather is great and the windows are open… so things are good 🙂 I hope you’re good too!


  1. Gorgeous!! Question: Where do ya put your books? We always have massive piles from the library! nightstand=books at our house. 🙂 I admire the simplicity here, though!

    • So!! I actually do not like reading in bed… It’s very rare that I do! So the books sit on the shelf in our little dining room area. There I can grab them to shove in my bag (for the beach) or go sit on the couch (where I read at home) or bring down to the sauna (where I read most). Also, I’ve made it a point to try to not take out more than 2 books at a time 🙂

  2. Just a nice comment for the grumpy mood 😉 I love your DIY lamp holders, they are a little perfection. You could totally start selling those! xx

    • Aw Thanks dear 🙂 I don’t even know why I was grumpy that day anymore hahah. I’m def. not anymore 🙂 If I could magically source all those hands without going to Nepal again, then I totally would 🙂