Hellllo! As you guys know, we have officially moved all our things to Paloma Sol. We now live here full-time. Like, full-full time– it’s hard to leave with no boat, haha. Alex and I plan to film a video today about our first week on the farm. Maybe Marlowe Paloma too– she said that she’ll probably pop in and out, but we’ll see  🙂

Overall it’s been going pretty well. The road trip had its bumps, but for the most part, things have been pretty smooth since. The bringing of the stuff went seamlessly as you’ll see in the video. What I didn’t explain well in the video is that the rental we stayed in was nowhere near the road– so the walk you see us doing, in the beginning, is just to get to the car/road.

Then we had to do this again the day we officially moved here. We thought it would be significantly easier, with fewer things, but it wasn’t. We had to get the permission of three different people to drive our car through their properties to get our car closer and load it up. Then there was a roadblock of firewood. Again, nothing is easy here. But it’s an adventure.

So when I say things have been seamless– I guess it really depends on your mindset 🙂 But we’re good and happy and ready for the goods, the bad, the weirds, and more!

Hope you enjoy the video 🙂 Please don’t forget to click on through to Youtube, like, and subscribe to our new page 🙂 Gracias!! &Thanks for being here!

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