Hi friends! As you know: we did eventually make it here to Guatemala, but not without A LOT of hurdles. I can’t say that I was overly stressed during this road trip, but there were certainly a lot of things that went wrong on our drive– both in Mexico and in Guatemala. And while we had more than everything required for the border, we still turned away.

So many setbacks. It certainly felt like the universe was testing us. I’m very happy to say that things have gone pretty smoothly since arriving though. I’m sure we’ll have some trials up ahead, but for now, it’s been a pretty good and easy-flowing experience.

Yesterday we brought all our belongings to the farm (what a trip!). Today we met with our architect and our builder. Tomorrow we go back to the farm to organize all our things and set up a temp kitchen. And then on Tuesday, we’re officially moving in full-time. Woot!

This video is certainly a lengthy one. I feel like there are three kinds of people the video could appeal to:

1. Someone who is really curious about our journey and wants to see ALLLL the deets of this Paloma Sol process.
2. Someone crazy enough to do this journey– but wants to lookup more info to be better prepared to prevent issues they might encounter on their own adventure.
3. Some sort of stalker just wanting to hear us ramble on for 30 minutes.

Haha, ehhh.

It’s a decent little video, just a lot of recap and details though! But we figured we find these videos useful for us and our adventures, so maybe someone else could learn or find inspiration from this video too 😉

Alright friends! I hope you’re well! Stay tuned for a video on us moving all our things!

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  1. Beth Bustamante

    Impressed how you all kept your sense of humor and saw the positive in everything and always viewed your cup as half full not empty. Stay safe! xoxo