It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m sitting on the couch with miss Marlowe. She’s making a little latch-hook project. I was latch-hooking, but thought I should maybe take a break and pop in to say hello. I have a few drafted blog posts from our trip to Cartagena that I’ve meant to share. Cartagena feels like a lifetime ago. — I think I say that every time I post anything about a trip we took. Maybe because I go such a LONG period between travel and actually sharing my experience.

I’d like to be better at that. And maybe I will be for our next trip. But this last one, I needed a bit of time to breath before I could. The trip was amazing, but I definitely left Colombia feeling pretty ill and crashing. And I’ve been up and down since then, mostly down. The juice fast was going really great— I was feeling overall  A LOT better. So much better that I thought I could go out and not worry much– eat foods I love (within reason of course) — but I’m not sure if I accidentally ate nuts or gluten or what, but I woke up the next day feeling like I got hit by a bus and have felt that way since. (A week now).

I’m trying to throw my arms up and give up, but it is frustrating for sure. I’ve shed many tears this past week. I want to be able to do the things I love most without struggle. But for now, there is a struggle. Bogotá Colombia last year was a little tough– amazing but not our easiest destination. Food wise it was not very easy and the climate was tricky for all of us, haha. Cartagena was hot as hell, but easier for sure. We don’t mind a good sweat.

I can see us visiting Cartagena again for sure. We stayed outside the walled part of the city and had no problems wandering around, in and out of the city, finding fresh and vegan food, and enjoying our time. We actually didn’t visit the beach our entire time in Cartagena either! But next time for sure.

Indoor outdoor living is the only way I want to live.

These two. They are some talkative folks for sure.

Busy sweaty streets, fresh fruit, and fun.

If you ever wondered what it was like for 5.5 Colombian women to see rolled ice-cream for the first time– this is it. Hahaha.  And my heaven: coconuts.

Alex bought a bag. It smelled like campfire for weeks. So amazing.

His handsome face. The first day we arrived we wandered the street. Well, we came into our rental home, all of us had a big lunch and then we hit the streets as the sun was setting. Marlowe got mango  ice-cream. Alex got a bag. And I just wandered — taking it all in. I eventually bought some goodies for myself, but I wanted to see everything the city had to offer first.

An attempt at a family photo.

The last minutes of daylight on our first day in Colombia. This was our routine most days too. Fruit + arepa breakfast, big lunch, adventures into the setting sun. No dinner for the Colombians. And a late night, smaller dinner, for me and M haha. Usually some reheated coconut rice and beans. Our food was as delicious as our time together. We enjoyed Cartagena for sure.

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