Well friends! We did it! We found sunshine! We’re back in good ol’ west palm beach florida. We’re getting settled in my moms condo. We’re here for a few weeks and then we head out again. We’ve unpacked all our summer gear, our blender, and our toiletries. I look forward to not breaking out the winter gear ever again.

I have to say, I wasn’t super excited the first day we arrived. I mean, I wasn’t bummed, but I was hoping I’d be more excited. It’s weird to adjust here. We’re trying to make a schedule that works for us– now that we have plenty of sunshine and outdoor weather, we’re trying to find the right groove. I want to be active again— somehow with this broken toe of mine. I want Marlowe to get back into a proper home school groove.

I want to thrive here. I mean, I’m thriving so much more here than I was in the cold. And that’s all I can ask for now! Marlowe too. It’s crazy to see how much more energy she has here. She’s all over the place in the best way. Her personality is hurting out. Her shyness is gone. She’s growing and Florida is shifting her even more forward.

Here are some things we’ve enjoyed so far… (you know, pictures of recently enjoyed things)

Miss Marlowe, taking in the sunshine. The first day we had here was cold! Well, for us pansies. Because apparently even a winter in New England, doesn’t desensitize us enough to the cold breeze, haha. We’ve sat outside as much as we can, taking in as much of the sun’s healing rays as we possibly can on our skin. From the new food hall in town, to the coffee shop, a park, lunch time, and even just perching ourselves in the hallway outside my moms condo to catch some extra heat and sun.

Bare feet! Fun plants! Cute tiles! The stuff I live for!

Today it was warm enough to visit the beach. A little breezy, but oh so good. Marlowe saw some of my friends down the beach and asked if she could go talk to them. I said, sure and let her go by herself (breaking that shyness!). When she came back she said she told them the Hindi words she knew and the places she’s traveled. She said she learned the proper way to say ‘Himalaya’— “the way the rest of the world pronounces the word” <3<3

Cousin love. She’s been very happy to see these two boogers. Oh and taco night outside too.

Raw tacos for me! (Plus hot sauce, because hot sauce). But If I’m totally being honest, I ended up having beans too… because beans.

We’ve eaten out a few times, more than we would normally like it, but we’ve made it a point to visit some of our favorite places we’ve missed. We’ve also been enjoying cooking in a well-lit space. Or at least I have. I love our house at home, I just always wish we had more natural light in there! I’m hoping that all this beautiful light will make me get more recipes done in the time we’re here. And don’t worry, we only let Marlowe have a sip or two of coffee. Though she would drink a shot of espresso, black without sugar if you let her.
Blue jean hangouts.

Part of me knows I could be upset– because all the plans I made for this year failed. I could be living in Guatemala. I could be pregnant. I could be exploring Asia…. but I’m right back here, the place I tried to leave. And while it’s not what I envisioned, I’m grateful to even have a place to come home to. I mean, my home is totally rented out for another few months, but I’m totally okay with that. I have my friends here, family here, and the sunshine I’ve been desperately needing.

Grateful for all of it.


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  1. Gabriela

    “Raw tacos for me! (Plus hot sauce, because hot sauce). But If I’m totally being honest, I ended up having beans too… because beans.” This line is hilarious because yes hot sauce and beans are something that I probably eat on a daily basis, haha. Also something about kids with latin roots, cause I started drinking black coffee when I was 3 and now I have a 3 month old and am already wondering when she’s going to be begging me for a sip : o