Hi friends! How are you? Do any of you guys have a ridiculously long reading list? I have a must-read list (and must-watch list) on the notebook section of my phone. Both are pretty insanely long. High five to the other book nerds reading this blog! Well, I thought it might be useful if I shared my list for you guys! I know I’m always interested in learning about good book recs– so I created a page where I can update and share the books I’m hoping to purchase, borrow, rent, whatever to read in the future.

This is also a great list for my mom in case she ever feels like she *needs* to get my a gift, haha. Just kidding. (Sort of.)

Anyway, I broke up the books by sections (it was not this way in my notes), so hopefully, you guys can skim through and see what topics interest you most. And if you have suggestions for me and other ohdeardrea readers, well, please share! I’m always interested to find more books that I can dive into… and I’m sure I’m not alone 🙂


my current (and ever-changing) must-read book list

Ps. you can always check out my currently reading section for past books I’ve read and loved. I just don’t update this as much as I’d like. So I thought an easy page where I can just add a book title would be useful 🙂 Happy reading!

Pps. If you missed my documentary post, well, I highly recommend that for you non-readers ou there 🙂

Ppps. You can find the saved book list on the right-hand sidebar (or down below all the posts if you’re on mobile.) But might be smart to bookmark the booklist or save to pinterest if you want easy access to it later 🙂

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