Hi friends! We made it to Massachusetts 🙂 It was a super easy flight— fortunately flying has gotten a ton easier. Hip hip hooray! The weather is still warm up here, but nice for sure. It’s been unbearably hot in Florida— but in just a few more months it should *hopefully* *fingers crossed* be quite nice back home— perfect for parties and friends over and all the good things.As you guys know we’ve been slowly working on our backyard space since moving in three years ago. If you haven’t seen what the yard looked like before, you HAVE to check it out. It’s crazy!! Check it out HERE. After our last trip to Mexico I decided I really wanted to get rid of the sitting table and create more of a hangout backyard space, ya know? Something more lounge-y. WE have a picnic table out there, which is no shaded by our moringa tree, so there was no need to have a second table under the pergola. And that table under the pergola has been there forever! I unburied it when I moved in! Also, I find myself sitting in the front porch a lot due to our hammock chair being so comfortable– but then I would find myself fighting with Marlowe over who got to sit in the chair–  so yeah, it made sense to maybe get more hammock chairs for more people 🙂

I’ve been wanting Acapulco chairs for a while now and was super happy to find them at Wayfair. Most of the new backyard stuff is actually form Wayfair by the way. They have basically anything and everything there. But yeah, I found the chairs for half the price that I was seeing them everywhere else. I got one rocking one and two stand still ones. I actually ordered two yellow and one rainbow, but an orange one came– I don’t love orange, but Alex was like, “eh keep it.” So we did.
Oh and look at that giant staghorn! My dad dropped it off at our house one day, I was super happy about that. He had two and threw one out though– who does that?! Not that I could have taken two, but still!

Those paint splotches on the walls are our maybe options right now. The pink one actually, not the orange-y one. Again, I dont like orange. You’ll notice I never decorate with orange, red, or purple too.

Alex has been wanting a potting bench for a while– he kept saying he would maybe make one, but didn’t I finally gave in and ordered one of those too. (potting bench) We also made a little stepping stone path from the stairs to the pergola. I feel like the stepping stones just make the place feel more welcoming— like “follow me, guys.”

We also bought a tiny blue tooth radio for some tunes— you know for disco parties and such. I thrifted a mirror a while back– it sat in the back for a while and we finally decided to hang it outside.

Miss rainbow pants— she came outside while I was taking pictures and I was like, “omg you match perfectly!!” haha.

Looking up. Some lanterns for nighttime vibes.

Looking down. Hi feet.

Hey old man.

the hanging chairs I got are actually organic! and fair-trade too I think! — I think I remember seeing that on that tag, but I can’t confirm that now, but I know for sure they’re organic.

Our garden beds don’t have too much right now. Ginger, turmeric, herbs, okra, and flowers. I think thats it.

I had a tough time choosing a table. On one hand, I wanted to get something like THIS, on the other, I knew that something wood probably wouldn’t last super long with all the rain down south. I ended up with this white table— that actually works out quite well. It’s low, easy to clean, and super light, which means I get to move it quite easily for dance parties! Hooray! I also added an outdoor rug to the space, because it just makes it feel more welcoming and cozy, ya know? There’s also an outdoor fan hiding back there behind the side stool. I ordered it a few months back to try to fend of heat and bugs. I wish I had maybe ten more fans though. Also, you may or may not remember we had hung curtains back there, but after two years or so they really got beat up– so we hung this fence thing instead. Behind the fence curtain thing there’s pots, dirt, you know, ugly gardening type things.

And at night! So nice right?!? Who wants to come and hang out and eat things back here with me?! I’m super excited to have a dinner party again back here when we’re finally home (for longer than a week, haha). We can easily fit six sitting people back here now, without having to grab extra chairs. I might maybe get some more lanterns (they’re so pretty!), but other than that, I’m super happy with the turnout. Oh and these hanging lights we’ve had forever! I got them from wayfair about two christmases ago. They really make the backyard sparkle— literally.

And we still have this other (super beat up) picnic table for dining on, our hammock  (from colombia) for more lounging, and our fire pit for, well, fires. I love it so much. Bring on the cooler weather and indian dinner parties!

Hooray! I hope you guys are having a great week!

ps. a big thank you to wayfair for gifting us so many of these amazing items. we love you, wayfair.


  1. Love it! We've done something similar this summer as well – but it is so hard to keep clean! We have a lot of bugs/spiders here in California.

  2. This looks so. Awesome. I would love to see a post on how everything holds up in the Florida heat and rain- the weather changes are not kind on outdoor furniture!

  3. Looks amazing! I don't know if you have a world market where you live but you should check them out for lanterns, beautiful ones with all different color glass!

  4. Drea, it's lovely, I do so love your garden posts. It looks really magical in the dark, I can imagine chatting and laughter long into the night. Hope you're able to enjoy it all soon. CJ xx

  5. What a fun and inviting space! I love the idea of a living room outside, especially as a way to foster fresh air and outdoor time for your family. That's just so much more welcoming than a hard metal patio chair, you know?

    Not to be a creeper, but I did notice what looks to be an herbicide sprayer. Do you have any tips for natural/organic/not horrifying weed control? Your thoughts would be most appreciated!