We headed off to Key West this past month. A quick family getaway. Alex and Marlowe had never been before, and the last time I went was long before Marlowe. Alex had three days off in a row (the first time since starting his job) so we decided to take full advantage of it. It was time for a little family getaway for sure.

We weren’t really sure what to expect. I had really only been two times, and for no longer than a day. I remembered seeing bars and palm trees, but not much else. We were nervous to make the five hour drive down south and not have it be worth it.

And while I still can’t say, I LOVE Key West, I can say that it was definitely a nice quiet spot for three relaxing days with the people I love.

Our first stop was lunch. A few people had mentioned Date + Thyme to us. It was a decent little organic spot. I’m not much of a salad eater out at restaurants, but I was super nervous about my earlier gluten-ing experience. So I kept it simple. A salad + extra tempeh did the trick. I know tempeh is one of those things you either LOVE or HATE– but man, I LOVE tempeh. I feel so crunchy even saying that haha.

Key West is super known for its colors. Super cute cottages and buildings on every street. Trees and flowers everywhere. Rainbows galore. We weren’t sure if it would still be a bit damaged looking since last years hurricane, but it wasn’t. I mean, we obviously didn’t see the before. So we have nothing to compare it to, but the island looked like it was in great shape.

We were in and out and around the whole island all week. Playing hide and seek with the rain clouds, but we never got rained on once. We were super lucky. The weather was hot (of course, its florida), but still super tolerable and nice.

We haven’t been to the beach by our house in about two months now– maybe longer. It’s been unsafe– too polluted. It’s SO sad. So of course, we promised Marlowe some much needed beach time and followed through. It wasn’t super sunny when we hit the beach. But it was still nice to visit it once again. One thing though! Marlowe and I decided to go for a little walk and her foot came SO CLOSE to a giant jellyfish. So close in fact, that I thought she stepped on it. But I guess I had pulled her away in time. Ooof, that could have been a mood killer for sure!

Sugar apple deliciousness.

One of Alex’s life long goals is to be able to climb a coconut tree. So far, well, he hasn’t gotten very far, haha. Marlowe however, well, she can’t climb, but she can grip on to a tree like its nobodies business. I’m looking forward to see who will be able to actually climb a palm tree first one day.

This was pretty much the moment I decided I would for sure be cutting my hair. I sat here and thought, “I should have cut my hair before this trip”– I felt weighed down for sure.

My people.

The cutest cottages.

One place everyone recommends is the Ernest Hemingway house. Well, we basically paid for an overpriced ticket so Marlowe could see the cats. And I have a curious feeling that’s why half the people who visit go there. It’s a cute house, but unless you REALLY love Ernest Hemingway, 14 or 18 dollars (or however much it was per ticket) is just wayyyy too much in my opinion.
But hey, maybe maybe seeing a cat with 6 toes IS worth 14$ to you, haha,

So yeah, we made a lot of cat friends this day. I mean, I didn’t touch any of them because: allergies. But there were A LOT of friends to be made.
She’s waving at one. I’ve basically created an animal friend monster.

I would totally love this wrap around balcony though. What a dream. The houses here are very similar to the ones in New Orleans.
Alien cat.

The first night we actually just had a bunch of fruit for dinner. No one was exceptionally hungry. The next day we visited Date + Thyme again. And then for dinner we visited Thai Island. They were super accommodating to my allergies which was great.

Overall, I think Key West is a great place to visit if you’re looking for 1. a lot of down time. 2. a lot of beers at loud bars with country music. or 3. looking for a lot of water activities.

We had the downtime. And it was nice for sure. It was also helpful that we apparently visited on one of the quietest weeks they have in Key West. And left on a Friday, before a long weekend started– so while it often sucks that Alex doesn’t have weekends off, it’s sort of helpful when planning quiet vacations.

We had a great time. And definitely came home and finally pulled the trigger and painted our house pink 😉 Speaking of our house– our remodel from the water damage is finally happening. I have to show you guys all the things that are happening around here! It’s a zoo. But it’ll be nice when its done 🙂

Hope you guys are having a great week! I’ll be in get stuff done mode until Marlowe and I leave for the Caribbean in a little less than two weeks 😉


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  3. The extra kitty toes is DEFINITELY worth the price of admission! haha
    Also, I feel like your photography skills are getting stellar. I love all of the movement shots of your two.