I opened up my drafts folder to find 23 posts in draft. 23, guys. Thats some of the many ideas of posts I have going on in my head. Really, I have a ton more, I just haven’t started the yet. Because let’s be real, it’s daunting and maybe crazy to start new drafts when I have so many sitting, you know? Anyway, I saw one labeled pictures of recently enjoyed things– I had no idea what was waiting for me inside of it. I opened it up, and well, this post is about a month old now. Some photos are even pre hair cutting (I have a post on my hair cut thoughts too btw). But still, photos I love and moments I love more.

8 years of doing these posts– documenting simple every day moments that brought me joy <3

Like Alex ordering my Haitian take out– yum. You can scroll down to see our sloppy Haitian leftovers in this post, if you’re super curious. Though I doubt any of you are, haha. Do you guys love Haitian food? Have you tried it? We’re big fans. I mean really, give us any sort of Caribbean food and were in love.

Sweaty botanical garden visits.

Less sweaty palm beach museum visits.

Did I already post this photo? I think I did on instagram. It’s nice to get work done and have her craft by my side.

Always has her bed made. Always reading. Often in funny positions.

Smoothie bowls for the win. I have a green bowl recipe on the blog if you’re curious to try it.

Leaving Key West we stopped for a beach day at Bahia Honda Key. I cut my hair the very next day.

When your friends come over and match your dining room. Aloha Friday. Laptops out, homeschool stuff out, a real workspace.

They love each other. We’ve had some issues with his aggression, sometimes scary. But he’s good with her– he just hates ALL her friends.

Walking the dog = collecting fruit around the neighborhood time. // Our cacti are going well.
Post hair cut farmers market shopping. My favorite thing. I’d be happy going to the market everyday if I could. What a luxury really. A very delicious luxury <3

Alright friends! I hope you’re doing well! Marlowe, Celia and I are off for the week, doing a little downtime getaway. I just want to lay out, read a ton of books, and re-charge. Hope you guys have a great week!

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  1. Drea,

    I seriously love your hair cut. And the colorful photos. And seeing all of the beautiful plants and fruits near your house. And basically everything. Every time I see one of these posts, I love that it temporarily takes me out of chilly Michigan, where plants barely grow and you have to wear a sweatshirt 3/4 of the year. Thank you for giving me these few minutes of peace and warmth today, and every day you post one of these 🙂 I love to see what you’re up to!