Yep, that’s Marlowe. A new haircut. All her hair chopped off and gone. I know, I can hardly believe it too. Honestly, I keep doing double-takes every time she walks by. This isn’t something I would have picked for her. This is something she totally decided for herself. And well, I think it’s awesome.

Alex and I are not entirely sure how this haircut decision came about for her. It seemed like it popped into her head out of the blue. I picked her up from school one day and on the car ride home, she said, “I want to cut all my hair off. I want a boy’s haircut.”

Well, you can probably guess my first reaction… I told her, “Well, there’s no such thing as a ‘boy’ haircut. Or a ‘girl’ haircut. It’s just a haircut. But if you want a short haircut, we can absolutely discuss it.”

She told me, “Well, I don’t know, I just know I want it cut off like a lot of boys have it.”

You know, my first reaction was to make her wait a month to see if this was just a quick idea that popped in her head that she would quickly change her mind about. And in our first conversation, I did tell her she should wait a month… or at least three weeks.

But the thing is that I know Marlowe. And even better, she knows herself pretty damn well. She is hesitant about A LOT of things, but once she gets her mind on something she sticks to it and does not waiver. So we made an appointment. And about 5-6 days later she was in the hairdresser seat chopping all her hair off.

Before we went in for the appointment I wanted to be sure she knew of the possible drawbacks to getting her haircut. That her neck would be cold (haha). That people could and would potentially mistake her for a boy. That she could possibly not like it and it would take a long, long time to grow out. Etc. And with each idea, she told me, “That’s fine.”

And it has been fine. She truly does not care if others would love it or hate it, because she loves it. This hairdo makes sense for her. She has never been someone that lets me braid or style or hair. She brushes her hair because she wants it neat and not tangled, but despises the action and even more so when it’s tangled. She doesn’t even want to tie it up. She is the ultimate minimalist with so many things– simple and no-frills. And in so many ways, this cut is just that.

As the hairdresser put the final touches on her haircut I walked over and said,”I’m proud of you boo, this is a big thing.”

And in one sentence she put me in my place, but made me so proud at the very same time… she said, “Why? It’s just a haircut”

She could not be more right. I’ve always made a point to not emphasis physical traits– and to put a focus on the other positive qualities a person could hold instead. I’ve always wanted her to know that looks don’t matter. That as long as she does her best, and is happy, and kind, that’s the only thing that is truly important to me. For her, this wasn’t a big thing. For her, there is no value in her hair or the length it has… it’s just another material thing that was so easy for her to let go.

And I’m proud of her, not just because she decided to chop all her hair, but because of the really amazing person that she is and is growing more into everyday.


  1. I remember a few weeks before that you had mentioned more than once on insta…about cutting all your hair off and getting a haircut. I was wondering if the two were connected. Then you posted Marlowe’s haircut and nothing about yours. I guess you decided not to do it? Anyway, she looks good. I am in agreement with Marlowe, who is a pretty wise gal: It’s just a haircut.

  2. Catherine

    It looks wonderful! I have had many pixie cuts throughout the years and it’s always been a good choice. My ten year old daughter cut her formerly long hair this spring- shaved one side, bob on the other. She’s growing it out now to be symmetrical, which is tricky considering the unevenness, but she loved it. I was surprised at how confident she felt and acted. In a sea of long haired girls at her school, she really rocked her fun cut. She said the same thing, too, “ it’s just hair”.

  3. Aw, she she looks great! I love that you supported her vision! My then 11 yr old told me she would like to have her hair shaved– almost like a military buzz cut! I made her wait a year– mostly because it was such a shocking change (for me) and I was afraid that the growing out period would be traumatic as she enters the teen years. Well, she wound up getting that hair cut a year later and she LOVED it! She was/is often mistaken for a boy (including one very awkward experience renewing her passport, in which the clerk kept insisting that we had actually brought our son in and would we please return with our daughter?) but it doesn’t bother her at all. She is almost 14 now and just beginning to grow her hair a little longer. The growing out phase IS difficult for her but she has no regrets!

  4. She for sure rocks the pixie cut. When I was 5 my mom cut my hair short short so every time I met someone I would say Hi I’m Denise, I’m a girl. 🙂

    • True! It’s funny she did it now because its finally “cold” but you’re right, she’ll love it come summer, when she doesn’t, have a sweaty neck, haha.

  5. My daughter is seven and she has had a “pixie” cut for most of her life. It looks beautiful on Marlowe!

  6. She sounds like an amazing young lady.
    These young girls these days should take tips from your daughter. You sound like a very caring and understanding parent. She looks adorable with her new hair cut.

  7. wow, its so funny that i follow you for a long time now and our girls are almost the same age and she asked me for a boys haircut also! And i am also afraid se doesnt like it once its done. Mine wants to do it because because se saw it on her favourite pop singers group and she loves it. Marlowe looks amazing, but then again, everything will look good on her 🙂

    • Aw! give her some time to think it through and then ask her again! I cut my hair all off when I was a little bit older than Marlowe– I HATED it. But it grew and I survived (mostly) unscarred. haha.

  8. Katerina

    Wow Marlowe, you are so brave! I looove it!!! Being a person that has a ‘boy’ haircut for over 10 years now, I can tell you that it looks awesome on you 🙂

    • She’s going to love this… and she’s going to tell you she’s not brave, hahaha. 😉 TY!

  9. Hi! I’ve been a pixie girl for … well, for many years! (the funny thing is that I’ve finally decided to get my hair long and I’m in that phase now! -opposite to Marlowe’s). Anyway, Marlowe looks amazing!

    • Aw! You’ll have to give us tips on growing it out… in case she ever decides to do that 😉