Hello! How is your week going? I’m between writing about five different posts for you guys. And the thing is, sometimes when that happens, I get so overwhelmed, I don’t post at all. Honestly, while I’d like to get one of them done for you tonight I know it’s just not going to happen. Or it wont happen well anyway. And I certainly don’t want to half-ass a post– especially a post that I know can be done better.

So instead, I’d figure I’d just come here and take a minute to just journal it out– share anything that comes to mind, to say HEY WHATS UP, and share life lately around here.

  • It’s now about 9:30 at night. I’m on the dingy blue couch on my laptop– when it’s truly terrible for my back and I should probably get my lazy butt up and sit at the real desk– I mean, that’s what it’s for, right? But this week has been long and I worked by butt at the gym today, so my butt has no intention of leaving this spot tonight. It’s perfectly content as is.
  • I’ve been going to the gym with my friend Christine (one of my best friends who we traveled to Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and Colombia with– my second longest friendship. But she leaves in a few weeks and so I’m wondering if I should get my own gym membership OR just try to work out at home. I don’t know which option is more likely to happen. Opinions? Thoughts?
  • I bought ridiculously expensive running shoes this year (they’re made of recycled plastic pulled out of the ocean— obviously) and so the money drop on shoes has certainly motivated me to use them haha. They are ridiculously comfortable if you’re in the market for sustainable shoes though. Comfortable and sustainable or not, I will forever think that all running shoes are ugly though. For work out clothes, I really like this sustainable brand. BTW, none of this post is sponsored, just sharing random stuff that comes to mind that you may or may not care about.
  • Leo is doing great! If you follow my insta, we did get in a fight because he climbed up onto my counter and stole some limes– rude. But he’s a really good dog. We really lucked out.
  • Anyone have an interesting research on teeth grinding? Mine got really bad this week– to the point where I had grinding induced migraines all week. I know it’s 100% related to my stomach. But that’s all I know. I also had my fair share of lucid dreams this week. The research I found says that if you take b6 supplements you’re more likely to lucid dream. I don’t take b6 vitamin supplements, but when I did an extensive blood panel test last year, my b6 levels were really high. Maybe all the potatoes I eat? Who knows. Either way, not a fan of all things involving sleep.
  • Marlowe and I are going to Europe! I thought it would be really fun to do a girls trip with her for her birthday this year– and so we are! Probably a few days in Paris, then London. I told her we could do *some* Harry Potter activities in London— I got SO many great London suggestion on instagram, I can wait! I plan to surprise her with a HP studio tour! I feel bad going without Alex, but he said he’s perfectly content with is going without him– but if by some miracle we can hang out with Jamie Oliver, he’s coming hahaha. He is Jamie Olivers #1 fan for sure.
  • I got asked a lot about juicers on Instagram last week. You can see my answers HERE. But basically, I LOVE this juicer I had for 8 years, but if I had to choose between that one or the one I bought this year, I like THIS one best. It’s easier to clean and the juice is *more raw*– it presses the juice instead of blending/heating, if that makes sense. But basically my top five kitchen essentials are: a good knife (this knife and this knife were the first two I ever bought myself), a good dutch oven,   a juicer, my blender, and my water filter. All of them have proven to be really freaking good investment purchases. I am not exaggerating when I say, I use my blender a minimum of 5 times a day– but I totally recommended you buy it refurbished, it works just as well and saves serious money. And I would never live without my filter again. I could live without my juicer though– haha. I would just prefer not to 😉
  • I haven’t taken ANY photos this week. Okay, that’s a lie, some of Marlowe’s food and one of a dress she sewed herself today, but that’s it! It feels weird to not take photos, but I don’t know, I guess I was uninspired? You can probably tell because I haven’t posted on insta in days. Going to work my way back into the groove soon.
  • We painted out bedroom! It came out nice. Fun color lines, simple decor. We still need to put some stuff up on the wall, and get a guy to install some lights, but it’s nice. Definitely filled with pieces from around the world, but inspired by Mexico. I dyed leftover fabric today with turmeric to make a pillow for the room. I used to craft a whole lot more— getting back into that life slowly. Came out substantially more orange than I had hoped. I was aiming for light yellow. Better luck next time?
  • Made kale salad today. Put a quinoa burger on it– it was really good! Next time I’d add sun-dried tomatoes.
  • What else? I’m not sure. Do you guys like posts like this? Do you want more random brain farts? Did you watch Handmaids Tale? Omg. I have a love hate relationship with that show.  It sucked my night time away this week.

Alright friends, that’s it for me. I’m going to put some trashy tv on the computer and tune out until Alex comes back home. I hope you’re well! Tell me your thoughts, life goals, favorite kitchen essentials, whatever!

ps. my dad took the picture above and randomly sent it to me. See– I really haven’t taken any photos this week (other than work stuff). Thanks for the sunset photo, dad, you’re the best!

Cheers friends! I hope you have an amazing weekend!



  1. i do love posts like this! 🙂 nice to see what’s going on in your every day.

    i personally love working out at home. i like that it’s convenient and flexible, and there are SO many free workouts on youtube! that said, i feel like it can require more discipline. we’re comfortable at home so it’s easy to let it go. for some people, it can be better for them to have a goal of physically going somewhere. just depends on your personality i think! i’d be happy to recommend some of my favorite youtubers!

  2. Batty mom

    Teeth grinding, I know with all your gut issues you are on top of what’s going on down there, but teeth grinding can be a sign of parasites. Have you tried the whole black walnut parasite removal? It may be too harsh on your belly, I know you eat a ton of papayas and your whole diet is pretty much on the list of parasite cleansing foods, but I figured I would mention that teeth grinding and parasites have a connection.

    • I’ve looked into it! While I do believe parasites might cause that– I don’t think it’s that. I’ve always had sleep issues depending on the state of my gut and it seems when I have them now– or things like excess gas (rare these days but can occasionally happen, thanks cabbage), it’ll happen worse. I did a parasite cleanse once but it made me so nervous with the already fragile state of my gut, so I quit it. It started the day I woke up in the hospital– so I do really think it’s all gut + trauma. A lot of people say stress too, but I’m not usually that stressed. It happens when when things are smooth and easy. I’m a mystery case.

  3. Michelle

    I enjoy random thoughs by Drea! It’s almost like having a chat with a friend on random things… rather than a one subject post. 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to see your newly redone bedroom and all the other house goodies! 🙂 You always make it so beautiful.

    • Thank you! hung a chair today! Getting closer! I cant decide if we need the big fluffy rug. I’ll probably end up asking the internet to choose for me, haha.

  5. Just to give you a heads up. The Harry Potter Studio isn’t really in London – it’s near Watford which is north of London. You’ll need to take a train to Watford, probably from London Euston, and then a local bus 511 headed towards Leavesden. Once you get off at the right stop it’s about a 5 minute walk. HP studio’s are well worth a visit though! Lots to do in London which needn’t cost the earth… walk through Hyde Park , or Regents Park, or Green Park, watch the changing of the Guards, go to one of the (free) museums …. The Science Museum and Natural History Museums are especially great in my opinion! Hackney City Farm is brilliant too…

    • Yes! totally aware! Thank you! /I think we’re going to do 4 days in London and have a whole day specifically saved for the tour. I’m excited– she doesn’t even know the studio exists. She’s going to lose it!

      Haven’t heard of Hackney City Farm! Thank you! Super excited to go to another Natural History Museum 🙂 Thanks for all your tips!