An amazing week for sure! I quickly had to run and take these pictures because thursday night I had dinner plans and then was was supposed to hurry off to the airport to pick up Christine. Well, dinner at India Palace was amazing… but Christine missing her flight was not that amazing AT ALL. Womp. Oh well, it all worked out.  
This week my stomach has moved and turned and risen higher than ever before. She’s always been quite a kicker-mover-shaker, but I swore she was trying to escape when a bump rose about 4 inches higher than usual. I love being able to feel around and play detective trying to figure out what body parts are what. I really do love this little girl, but I hope she stays in her den just long enough- until I have everything ready and settled. 
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  1. Drea, you are/were one of the cutest pregnant women that i have ever seen! i'd love to feature some of your fave bump pics in the "show us your baby bump" segment. xo, shari