When I say “vegan cooking” I in no way, shape, or form mean “baking”. I am not a baker…. I wish I was, but I’m not. I’ll blame my mother for that one. I’ve never seen her bake a thing in my life. Amazing cook, but no baking gene to pass on. Today is my brothers birthday and I got word from his wife he was craving blueberry pie (I still wish I had some cravings of my own to fill) so in an attempt to show him how much I really love him I did my best to quickly put together a pie. I used frozen fruit and a pre-made frozen pie crust. No real baking there, but even still, its not even that aesthetically pleasing.

&honestly I have no idea what blueberry pie is even supposed to taste like. I don’t care much for warm fruit….. but hopefully it’s amazingly ridiculously delicious.


  1. Thank you Jill 🙂
    &Even though I don't care much for blueberries, I am incredibly jealous of your fruit picking. Summer in south florida is in no way fruit picking friendly. I would love to have a nice sunny (but not disgustingly hot) day here to spend outdoors and pick fruit. It could possibly make me love blueberries. 🙂

  2. what an adorable blog this is! i just found you on top baby blogs and cant wait to look back on all your posts! you are one cute pregnant girl too btw!
    and blueberry pie=delish! we just picked a ton of blueberries and now i want to go make a pie with them! 🙂