I’ve been hormonal lately and I dislike it very much. I was only emotional and hormonal the first month (maybe two) of pregnancy… after that it was like magic! I felt incredibly leveled. Less hormonal than I ever was while on birth control for sure…. which I had been taking until about 5 weeks into the pregnancy when I realized I was pregnant. During my pregnancy I’ve only cried for serious issues, issues that honestly anyone would have broken down about. I think I’ve kept my head pretty high about most things considering all the negative things that have taken place, were out of my control. I’ve had people comment in confusion about my lack of hormonal rage. I don’t know what to say about it except pregnancy and my body seem to work well together. With that being said… this week has been a mess. I sat on my couch and cried this afternoon about the amount of roaches I’ve had to deal with in the past 24 hours. Hand me a 12 foot snake: I’m fine. Hand me a rat: I’m fine. Hand me a tarantula: I’m gonna ask if its going to bite me, but I’m fine. Hand me a roach: and I will scream and cry. I know a roach isn’t going to hurt me or kill me, but there is something about them that I cant handle. (I closed my eyes for the first 40 minutes of Wall-E.) Anyway…. I digress…
I cried about 3 times this week! Sheesh. Over nothing too… just an overload of emotions and stress I suppose… maybe from adjusting to this new place and finding I might be moving again. I am also fearful of post-pregnancy hormone adjustments. Postpartum depression scares me. I am able to recognize now when my hormones are getting the best of me… but will I be able to then? Will I able to recognize it, but not be able to stop it? If its anything like the hormonal blahness I experienced this week I should be fine, but who knows. I suppose I’ll worry about it more when the time comes.
For now I am just going to keep trying to look to the little things in life to keep me uplifted. Like today, I received the most amazing (and unnecessary) package of bedding from my mom. Its a beautiful quilt… or so it’s labeled, but its more like a comforter… either way… its beautiful. It wont keep my hormones at bay, but it will make my bed an even more cozy and comfortable place to snuggle up with Jerry and release my mind.

Welp, time to test it out. Goodnight!


  1. The blanket is pretty hot… especially for florida. I use it solely for naps and decoration… never at night. But if you enjoy a good blanket its pretty cozy. The biggest reason I would turn down the quilt is it needs to be dry cleaned. Even though it says 'dry clean only' I thought I would give it a go in the washer/dryer and that was a no-no. It didn't get torn up or anything but some of the fluff on the inside moved out of place and theres no way of fixing it. But if you don't have a problem with dry cleaning a comforter then why not.

  2. Question: How hot is your blanket? Have you dry cleaned or washed it yet? Recommend?
    I saw another cute Anthro 'quilt' on ebay that I was thinking about, but wanted your advice.

    Ugh yesterday I came home from shopping with my grandma and I went straight to the bathroom and there was a huge roach on the medicine cabinet. I seriously had a meltdown! I cried the whole day!
    You see our apartment complex has a roach problem we didn't find out about until after signing the lease and wow, omg I really just can't even live normal anymore. I refuse to open cabinets and cook and when we eat I have to rinse of EVERYTHING before using it.

    Its weird because the first and second trimester I was fine. Once I hit the third wow my hormones have gone crazy! I'm also terrified that I'm going to have bad postpartum depression. 🙁