I’m incredibly tired, weak, and nauseous. I hate every second of it. I got through it alone when I was living in my studio in Miami and I was pregnant with the flu, there’s no reason I cant get through it this time alone too. A few joyous things:

The Little Prince Pop-Up: It’s amazing. I plan on buying it in the future and reading it to my baby girl all the time. I had a copy of the book growing up and gave it to her father last year. To my dismay he never read it and he planned on giving it back, but never did…. but that’s okay, because luckily this pop up version I found is a much better replacement and looks like the most incredible book to ever be owned.

Ray LaMontagne: Theres not much more to say other than ‘beautiful’.

Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. Two days of feeling this way has been enough. I miss Jerry. I had my brother come pick him up. I didn’t even have the energy to get up to walk him. I miss him miss him miss him! <3
Edit: Another thing that makes me happy is how many of you have found me on top baby blogs! Thank you for voting guys! Keep doing it 🙂

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  1. Ray LaMontagne is one of my faves!! You Are the Best Thing was the song at my wedding that my husband and I had play right after we said our I do's and our first kiss. Definitely fitting for the occasion and he IS best thing that's ever happened to me!

  2. I wonder if you ever got the pop up version? I have it & I love it. Still haven't shown it to my little Bee bc she's very grabby rippy still. But I love both versions. xx.

  3. Anonymous

    The little prince is an amazing book; I too had the book as a child.