More like 39 weeks…. well almost. Count down. Count down. Count down.

I thought for sure she would be out by now. Actually, I was absolutely convinced she would be out by now…. much like I was convinced I was going to be having a little boy. Oh well. I have a few reasons for wanting her to come out early, but at the same time I feel like a lot of things that need to get done pre baby are getting accomplished this week. It’s crazy to think that any day now I’m going to wake up in the hospital and have to tend to a little baby girl. People keep asking how I’m doing and if I’m excited for this pregnancy to finally be over. I’m doing pretty great considering how pregnant I am. And I am happy (ecstatic/looking forward/joyful) to meet my little one, but I’m not going nuts because I am still pregnant. Maybe this easy pregnancy is good karma for all the bad things I had to deal with in the beginning of this. Maybe its luck. Maybe its health, who knows. All I know is I wanted to make the choice I could never regret, and I know I have. 
In that 3rd picture you can actually see an indent in my stomach. This is how low she sits on a day to day basis. She’s been so low for such a long time. Of course she will pop her butt up higher from time to time, but she’s usually down low and ready to go! Thursday is a full moon! It might be the day! We’ll see 🙂


  1. Drea hello!
    you're amazing! your blog is beautiful!
    your girl is amazing !!!
    You have an address or zip code where I can send you a detail?
    totally disinterested. haha
    I just found you on the net and I keep reading you lol

    a big hug
    from Mexico

    excuse my horrible English