Ah, YES! Another step closer to finishing up babycake’s bedroom! Honestly, I’m not even exactly sure how this dresser came into my possession. The story I know is my dad found it in the road and was going to put his work printer on it…. well it ended up in my house after moving day and I thought it would be lovely to paint and use. I asked him if it was supposed to be for me and he said no, but he didn’t need it anyway and told me to do what I want with it… and I did!

I can’t wait to have everything finally organized and put away. I might wait for my mom to fly down to fully organize all her little outfits…. if I can hold out that long. For now, I’m going to leave this hardware on, even though I’m really tempted to buy these knobs to use instead. I really cant justify spending 12$ a knob though, or right now anyway. Maybe the sale fairy will come my way and put them on clearance. Doubtful, but you never know 🙂


  1. hello,ohdeardrea!!i like your photo!!!!so nice!!!!!!very like!!!!
    hahahahaha!!!are you a fabric designer?i like your style very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh my god!!!
    like you and baby!!!so cute!
    hope you have a nice day!!

  2. is that an owl macrame wallhanging i spy in the "before" pictue. amazing! you better hide that if i ever come to visit or will be coming to live in atl!