Introducing my little Marlowe Paloma ♥
Born September 25th at 10:17 PM
6 pounds & 13 ounces
20 1/2 inches long.
I love every inch of this little girl. I unexpectedly went into heavy labor at 3:02 pm and had her 7 hours and 20 minutes later. Quick? Yes. Easy? No. I did end up having a natural birth but there were some complications and I ended up in the surgery room after I delivered her. But yes, she is worth every single second of any amount of pain I have gone through for the past 9 months. We are at home now and both happy and healthy and figuring out life together. She had so many visitors and fans already♥ It’s hard not to love her, she is such an easy baby. Being a mother has already come so natural to me. It was natural all throughout my pregnancy, and is more than ever now. This morning I sat on my bed with her and she was falling asleep fully latched on to me as I fed her and we listened to a record together. I sat there and could not have felt more happy, relaxed, and comfortable. I felt so incredibly lucky and I’m looking forward to everything else in front of us– I’ll take all the good and all the bad in the world as long as I have this little girl by my side.
Her birth story and tons more pictures in the future… I’m sure I wont be updating to often now, lots of resting recovery time and Babycakes time ahead of me!


  1. My first time here. Congratulations!! She is a cutie. Enjoy every second of it. I do mean EVERY second. I feel like I just gave birth to Lily yesterday but she will be 1 already in November.

  2. Cook on high heat for 30 minutes or until internal temp reaches 165. Is black humor allowed with babies? (You know I love that baby)

  3. Play her some Spring Love as she sleeps. Or hum it to her; that lovely little thing. <3

  4. ::sigh:: totally got me choked up 🙂
    My little one is going to be 5 tomorrow. It feels like yesterday I was going into labor and stuffing cookies and crackers in my mouth before leaving for the hospital cause I knew they wouldn't let me eat when I got there…(hehe)

    She is soooooooo beautiful! Congrats! I can already tell you're gonna be a kick ass mom 😉