Today was baby & mama’s first day out of the house.  
(yes, I apparently need to paint my door)
We made our way out for a doctor visit today which turned into a 4 hour not so great adventure. I’m having a bit of issues with mine and baby’s insurance… supposedly. It doesn’t make sense since I gave birth to her 5 days ago and was insured for the labor and hospital stay. We’ve got some things to figure out. 
On the up-side… we will be making our way out of the house later tonight for a pizza outing. My brother is now addicted to the pizza place that I had tried to take him to for months. No surprise there 🙂 So tonight it will be a family dinner… plus Eric, who leaves tomorrow for Kansas. Wah. Family/Welcome Marlowe/Vacation Send Off dinner date.
In other news my milk fully came in yesterday and it makes me feel like this:
It’s like, you get pregnant and suffer through all the side effects, then you know and fear the labor is going to be painful (the most painful thing you might EVER experience), but you know the reward will be worth the pain… but then the baby (the best thing in the world) comes and the pain doesn’t stop. Between the healing stitches, an enflamed uterus, hemorrhoids, and body ache its like ouchhh ouchh ouchh— M.F. OUCH. And then the milk comes…. I love her so much, but I have to bite my tongue as hard as I can when she feeds. I just want to cover my face in a hat and I plea to myself, someone, the air, anyone: “please, please let the pain go away soon”. 
I can’t wait to be top of my game again. But, let me tell you, I was pretty impressed with myself today. I was able to use a public toilet while I had stitches healing and a baby wrapped around me in a sling. Five days in and I got myself some wonder mama skills. 


  1. i know it's hard to imagine but the pain will go away. just take care of your new boobies and prevent mastitis… worst thing everrrr. i've had it twice.

  2. oh, the pains of motherhood that will continue as they grow… the breast feeding pain will go away soon. your nipples will get used to her feeding and the uterus contractions will stop also.
    you are a strong mama!

  3. the pic of the 2 of you–beautiful. you look like such a natural and she's gorgeous! lots of love, mama