I went for my 37 week visit today. I’m measuring small. The other midwife I have been meeting with hasn’t seemed to concerned about my size and says I’m a small framed girl and I won’t be carrying a monster baby belly on me. But I met the other midwife today and she seemed pretty concerned… concerned enough to ask for me to get an ultrasound done today. Unfortunately for me, my visit ran late because the woman who checked me in had made a mistake and forgotten about me. If I had been called in on time the tech would have still be available, but she had already left by the time they got to me. I’m slightly worried, but slightly not. I don’t know. I mean, she moves like crazy and is strong as hell. An endangered baby wouldn’t be as active as mine is. My weight gain has been steady and on point, her heart beat has been strong and great, my blood pressure has been incredible, I’m really young, active, and healthy. I should have no reason to worry, but now there is still that little concerned cloud of what-ifs in my head. I guess I’ll see what they say after the ultrasound. Until then, I’ll try not to worry :-/


  1. Kalani- Panasonic lumix dcm G1 🙂

    Beryl Lynn- Welcome! I'm not overly worried or freaking out, just a tad! Theres always a chance or early induction now! Yikes. I live in Lake Worth, FL. I just moved here a couple months ago from Miami. But I grew up in Massachusetts. Never been to Sarasota, but its seems nice out there 🙂 &YES, this humidity needs to say goodbye. I normally don't have a problem with the heat, but my hormones are driving my body temperature to be nuts.

  2. .. I somehow stumbled upon your blog and read a bunch of entries. From looking at your pictures you seem to be just fine! Don't let one persons opinion make you worry.. you've made it this far, right?
    Not to be creepy but where in Fl do you live? I'm in Sarasota..can't wait for fall to come and this humidity to leave!!