Check out this beauty.
 I love her little moses basket… but even more than the basket I love the stand. Eric built it for her last week and had to hurry to do some last minute finishing details while I was in the hospital. My mom offered many times to buy a stand, but I am so much happier with this. Not only is it one of a kind, but its something that is so incredibly meaningful. It’s her first little bed– her first little safe place (besides my tummy) and it’s made especially for her by one of the people who really care so much for her. There’s a lot of love in this little bed. 


  1. I actually found the basket at homegoods and my sister-in-law purchased it as a shower gift for me. Its tadpoles brand and I'm pretty sure you can get it at target or babies r us online site… The run about 70$ I think


  2. that looks beautiful! where did you get the moses basket from? I have found some that I like but they all have a hood/canopy that i dont love. thanks!

  3. He did make it from scratch! He will have to make you a life sized one….. or not life sized.. but adult sized.

  4. swoon, that is amazing!
    we used a moses basket too- i LOVED it and would recommend it to any new mom. not only does it create a snuggly close womb like space but it is portable for moving around the house, taking on trips, and you can even pull it into bed for safer co-sleep option.