I have a hard time spending money on myself (except when it comes to food). I feel like I never really need  anything. I’ve got the things I need and everything else is just extra and usually clutters my life. When I went to visit Record Store John the other day he had given me a card with a debit gift card inside and told me I would have spend it on myself and only on myself. I reluctantly promised I would. After a few days of seriously thinking what would be a nice gift to buy myself it came to me… sunglasses! I never ever lose or break sunglasses… except when I got pregnant. I lost 3 pairs.. including my absolute favorite vintage pair.  I was devastated…. no really.. it had been a hard day and I actually cried about it. Well I ordered my sunglasses this week and they arrived today. I love them 🙂

I spent this morning cleaning. I vacuumed the whole house (bedding and furniture included) with my baby wrapped to my chest. In a few weeks I’m going to be strong as hell…. maybe…. hopefully. Lunch seemed to be a bit more challenging. I made pizza bagels and sat to eat them when she decided it would also be her lunch time as well. So with babe on boob I ate lunch with one hand and internet-ed with the other hand. I soon after realized the blinds in front of me were open and sat there hoping no one would walk by. Win. Today will be our first outing alone. We’re nervous (I’m nervous). At least we’ll be doing it in style with my new sunglasses.


  1. Love your blog! I am a single momma too 🙂 I am 3 months pregnant and crossing my fingers for a girl!