I love all the little squeaky noises she makes &I really love when she burps &farts. 


  1. @rachel: I wish I could say I fully "cloth diaper". but sadly I dont. I haven't done it outside the home yet because I haven't prepared them enough so they keep leaking through! I woke up today thinking: "milkshake, boil diapers, squeak squeak". I just finished boiling them and plan on using them.. but not 100% of the time… hopefully most of the time though 🙂
    I saw you on topbabyblogs. super cute! Also cant wait to follow! 🙂

    @Kalani & Jess– Thanks! 🙂

  2. haha! Baby farts ARE pretty darn cute. 🙂 …did I really just say that?
    She's adorable.

  3. Here are the reasons I'm into you…
    I'm obsessed with the name Paloma.
    I cloth diaper and had a natural birth, too.
    You are beautiful and strong and I can't wait to follow along.

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