Jerry came home tonight. He has been staying with Mark and Nicole while I have been getting myself together enough to handle both him and my Babycakes. It’s been 10 days since I’ve seen the little guy. I missed him. First thing he does is run to the couch in search of his ball. Then he jumps up on my legs. Then he sees Marlowe. I thought he would stick up his nose with a stubborn attitude of indifference like he usually does,  but he’s so much more curious about her than I expected him to be. Every little noise she does his ears perk up. Every move she makes his head twitches. He’s trying so hard to figure her out. Even now as my mom is changing her in the other room he runs back and forth. She lets out a cry and he runs to her. I call his name and he runs back. She comes back in the room and he jumps up on the bed to be closer to her. He whines. He wants to move near her. He’s a respectful dog. He sits inches away and stares. He waits for a sign of approval to make a move forward. He lifts one leg up in a hunting stance and waits. I say “okay” and he licks her foot. I’m amused in how interested he is. I know he in no way would intentionally hurt her, but its going to be a slow process… I want to say a slow process of trusting him, but I know I can trust him with her… I’m just nervous the doorbell will ring, he will get excited, jump up, and jump off her. He’s just a little dog that wont know the difference. If it gets to be too much he’ll just stay with Mark and Nicole a bit longer, but I really think it should be fine. Soon he will get used to no longer being the baby. Maybe he will become her protector. I hope so. I love them both. 
Pictures of a small dog and his curiosity: 
Also: no more brussels sprouts for mama. It makes for this unhappy gassy face:
I’m going to feed her one more time before bedtime. I don’t think its going to be a good night for the little one. I feel awful, gas sucks. Lesson learned.